Elf dating sim 2 hacked

Step 4: Find a number that u want to change,like ur health,mana ,etc. Easier tutorial: 1) Make sure Game Guardian is running (doggy icon will be translucent on screen) 2) Open game and find value you want to change (cash, HP etc) 3) Press icon, search tab and press search and enter the number. AND WHAT I got a prob no else has...m trying dis with townsmen...

7) Long-press on value and enter the desired value.

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Then press the dog button and den a few tabs will come out,after that click on the magnifying glass tab and press search,then enter the number of the object u wan to change. 4) Go back to the game and change the value in some way (gain money etc) 5) Go back to GG and search again for the new value and your results will be narrowed down. I follow ur steps n type in d amount n hit search... I spent a lil money n do d search again, I gt zero results...i kept trying with different amounts...d same happened evrytym...

Step 5:go back to the game,and try to change that amount(If u r changing health,let an enemy kill u)Step 6: Go back to the dog icon,press fuzzy and then smaller.(if no results come out ,clear search and type in new amount. Step 7nce u have identified the search result as the object u wan to change, Hold and press the search result and a new window will pop out,type in the number u wan to change the object to. 6) If needed, repeat steps 4 and 5 until down to very few results. I cleared d search and started anew...still no results for d second search..plz plz help me out with this..it my roms fault...?


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