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Then if the actor were to come out, the studio could say it was the ensuing uproar, and not the coming out itself, that led to the actor being fired.

But I gues, he is finally getting the attention and recognition he deserves and he has been in Hollywood for a while and know how it works. To OP's list we should add ANYONE who has dated Renee Zellweger, America's Beardheart.

As for the definite gay celeb list: Zachary Quinto & Wentworth Miller are the only two gays not out that I am sure about. That youtube vid of Jake's heterosexual prowess is getting a big net push. The word is Austin is very depressed in the closet and eager to come out, and it could be soon.

Zac Efron is going to replace Tom Cruise as Hollywood's most parodied actor, for being in the closet.

Waiting for the South Park, "Zac Efron in the closet" episode now..... In real life, the guys I'm attracted to turn out to be straight. Kenny Chesney Josh Bell Jeremy Denk John Gallagher Jr. If you were at a "PR firm" -- because that makes you omniscient -- in some way that gave you any insight at all, you'd know that Bomer is gay.

He is known for being fiercly private but suddenly he is constanly talking about his gf Leslie, talking about his reasons for joining the theatre was to meet girls, and I have seen some pics from Iron Man 2 primiere where him and his girlfriend PDA antics makes Heidi and Spencer's seem subdued.

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I am not saying Sam is gay but someone has definetly been telling him to kick his relationship and consequent heterosexuality into full gear.

Chace Crawford, sorry not gay Zach Efron, don't know. I am also sure that if the ridiculously talented Sam Rockwell was an A-Lister he would have been thought of as gay.

41 yrs old, never been married, very rarely seen with women though he is said to be dating Leslie Bibb of Iron Man 2, sworn off ever getting married or ever having kids.

A studio can't make you sign a contract that explicitly says "I agree to not come out of the closet as gay or I'll get fired." This contract would never stand up in court and would be blatant grounds for a lawsuit by an actor.

The contract may instead say that the talent agrees to live a morally upstanding life and not do anything to draw so much scandal that it is detrimental to the show or the studio or any of its properties.


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