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The first Robert de Brus in Great Britain accompanied William the Conqueror in 1066 and died, it is believed, around 1094.However, it was his son, also Robert de Brus (known as Robert le (More...) Origins of the Clan The Clan names derives from the district of Buchan.On the north east side the land falls steeply down to the burn, once called Buthenot, and on the south side it slopes more (More...) History The Armstrong name has a mythological origin, in that it is said their heroic progenitor, Fairbairn, saved his king of Scotland in battle, and not from a wild beast as is the case with another Border clan - the Turnbulls.

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It is known that the Brodies were always about since records began.

From this it has been presumed that the Brodies are ancient, probably (More...) Origins of the Name As well as the name being Scottish, Broun or Brown is also common name in Old English charters (as Brun) from an adjective meaning brown or dark red.

There are a number of suggested origins for William but research points to the Normans in Italy.

It is known that (More...) History Coat of Arms The Viscount of Arbuthnott, Chief of Clan Arbuthnott Origin of name From the place name Aberbothenoth, which lies on a narrow peninsula on the north side of the river Bervie.

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Origins and history Anderson is an English and Scottish patronymic surname, meaning ’son of Andrew‘.As a consequence of this role, the Bannermans held the rank of knights banneret, a title conferred on people of particular military (More...) Origins of the clan Since the eighteenth century, Barclay historians, noted for their low level in medieval scholarship, have assumed the Scottish family Barclay (de Berchelai) is a branch of one of the two Anglo-Norman families of de Berkeley of Berkeley in Gloucestershire, without any evidence which would link the Scottish and English families.A more plausible (More...) Origins of the Clan The origins of the name “Borthwick” are territorial.Both names share the same Scottish Gaelic derivation of ‘Gilleaindreas’ (More...) History Origin of name From the town of Anstruther, which was adopted as a familial name.Origins of the Clan Alexander I of Scotland granted the lands of Anstruther to William de Candela in the early 12th century.It also occurs in Old High German as Brunn and is the source of the French surname le Brun.A family of this name (More...) History The name Bruce comes from the French ‘de Brus’ or ‘de Bruis’, what is now Brix between Cherbourg and Valognes in Normandy.The name seems likely to have been assumed from Borthwick Water in Roxburghshire.It is traditionally held that the first of the noble house was Andreas, who accompanied the Saxon Edgar theling and his sister, Saint Margaret of Scotland, to Scotland in 1067.This in turn may have taken its name from bwch, a word meaning cow in the Brythonic language.The first recorded Buchan was Ricardus de Buchan, clerk of the bishopric of Aberdeen around 1207 and in 1281 William de Buchan is recorded as (More...) Clan Buchanan (Pronounced B-eww-cannon in North America and Buck-annon in Europe and Australia) is an Armigerous Scottish clan whose origins are said to lie in the 1225 grant of lands on the eastern shore of Loch Lomond to clergyman Sir Absalon of Buchanan by the Earl of Lennox.


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