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I didn’t enjoy being “handsome”; what I really wanted was to be told I was .So finding someone who would tell me that was pretty incredible.

I didn’t enjoy being “handsome”; what I really wanted was to be told I was .So finding someone who would tell me that was pretty incredible.And then, as I went on hormones and my body started changing, it was likewise amazing to have someone tell me the changes were making me that much more attractive to her.

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After pregnancy, my husband was awestruck by the way my body changed and slowly got back to prepregnancy condition. I will never have the body that will allow me to wear whatever I want, but I don’t wear baggy clothes anymore.

I exercise and eat sensibly for my health, not because I want to get to a certain dress size.

But part of it was also unlearning cultural stereotypes and socialized messages that make me and other women, trans or cis, hate our bodies.

Heidi: My ex-husband was not happy with my body because I have a very small chest.

Now I try not to care, but I do occasionally feel self-conscious about it.

It has become a pet peeve of mine that natural is no longer good enough when it comes to breasts.

When I got pregnant, I was a little worried about how big I was getting, but my husband just marveled at how my body was changing in response to pregnancy.

We had some of our most amazing sex while I was pregnant.

Lydia: For me, the experience of being in a sexual relationship has been incredibly grounding in terms of enjoying my own physicality and the physical presence of others (namely, my girlfriend).

I feel like I have permission to really pay attention to her body in a way that few settings in our culture offer us: the joy of getting to know, intimately, the shapes and smells and movements of another bodily person. And I felt more and more present in my own body, and more and more comfortable with my own sexuality and sexual desire. I’m not happy with the width of my hips or the jiggle in my thighs.


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