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Most of the population of 12,000 indigenous inhabitants live on the main island of Kiriwina, which is also the location of the government station, Losuia.

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Kiriwina is 43 kilometres (27 miles) long, and varies in width from 1 to 16 kilometres (0.62 to 9.94 mi).

In the 1980s, there were around sixty villages on the island, containing around 12,000 people, while the other islands were restricted to a population of hundreds.

A young woman stays in her lover's house instead of leaving it before sunrise.

The man and woman sit together in the morning and wait for the bride's mother to bring them cooked yams.

The same perception pertains to time and geometric shapes.

In Trobriand society, it is taboo to eat in front of others.

The group is considered to be an important tropical rainforest ecoregion in need of conservation.

The Trobriands consist of four main islands, the largest being Kiriwina Island, and the others being Kaileuna, Vakuta and Kitava.

At seven or eight years of age, Trobriand children begin to play erotic games with each other and imitate adult seductive attitudes.

About four or five years later, they begin to pursue sexual partners. Women are just as assertive and dominant as men in pursuing or refusing a lover. In the Trobriand Islands, there is no traditional marriage ceremony.


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