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Or, if you have an even longer tale to weave, you could sign up for our Public Access blog to tell us your story in greater depth.was just another social network, letting users check in to locations they visit and potentially receive badges for those check-ins.

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Like Borsoi, most of my personal network has moved on.

The removal of the original mayorship feature strikes me as an especially terrible idea, and I don't know if reintroducing it after people have left will be enough to salvage it.

"Swarm is Foursquare's Qwikster, but they lacked the sense to kill it when they had the chance," he said.

He used both apps for about six weeks before deleting them and then downgraded to Foursquare version 6.4.2 of the i OS app. I asked if the return of mayorships would get him to return to the fold, and he said no.

A lot has changed since 2009, but Foursquare still remains, though not without some adversity.

Today, in a review of 2017, Foursquare has announced that last year is the third year in a row in which Foursquare has seen at least 50 percent revenue growth.I still used Swarm occasionally to check-in because I like seeing a personal history of where I've been and I find it fun to see where my friends have been as well.But even then, I found that I had to remind myself to use it, instead of it being second nature like it used to be. I caught up with the same people I interviewed for last year's story about Foursquare and some of them don't seem to be using the new version as much, either.The old app did feel a little stale, and perhaps a split was enough to get me to use it again.However, I'll admit that I was disappointed that Foursquare had removed the concept of mayorships -- the idea that you could be the "mayor" of a location if you had the highest amount of check-ins at that place.Foursquare’s data, with over 3 billion visits/month around the globe, 105 million global venues, and 25 million people globally (both in and outside of the apps, via the Pilgrim SDK) who have opted in to always-on location sharing, is incredibly valuable to advertisers, businesses and developers.But transitioning from a consumer app to an enterprise platform — going from an Instagram to a com Score — has not been without its trials.But that might not be enough to win back its once-loyal user base.As someone who was a fan of Foursquare (and even its predecessor, Dodgeball), I was open to the idea of the split.That sounds like a good idea in theory, but check-ins and mayorships were so integral to Foursquare's identity that removing them seemed like a bad move.Recently, Foursquare decided to re-integrate global mayorships into Swarm due to user demand.


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