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Thoughts passed through Tsunade's head at lightning speed, going from concern about their health, to concern about their bodies, to what she could do with their bodies, and to finally wondering if they could take her cock.

After thinking about the last question she decided something that could quite possibly give her the greatest experience ever or get her fired and twenty years to life in prison.

All of that being said, the best way for you to see what we have to offer is to browse through our extensive database of free cartoon porn videos and images.

It consists of unconnected Futax Female and Futax Futa one-shot (maybe two) smut fics.

When she had poured enough to stop friction burn, she set the bottle down on the desk behind her.

Lining up with the artificial hole she squeezed inside and elicited a sharp:"Ah..."Once she found her rhythm she increased her tempo and the only sound in the room was a low groaning and the sound of flesh slapping flesh.

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Sakura was wearing some khaki shorts and a graphic tee, her short bright pink hair cropped up with gel.

Finally the tallest girl, Ten-Ten, was wearing ultra skinny jeans with a black tee that had a skull in the middle of it.


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