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Lots of sci-fi shows have similarly familiar and utilitarian settings, and far less money than this 10-episode drama, so they focus on creating meaty, surprising relationships and supplying vivid adventures.

“Lost in Space” has trouble doing those kinds of things on a consistent basis, nor does it successfully dabble in the light comedy of the original.

The verdict now marks the bottom of a fall as precipitous as any in show business history and leaves in limbo a large slice of American popular culture from Mr. For the last few years, his TV shows, films and recorded stand-up performances, once broadcast staples, have largely been shunned, and with his conviction, they are likely to remain so. Cosby’s retrial, in the same courthouse and before the same judge, a new defense team argued unsuccessfully that Ms. He is.”The defense’s star witness was a veteran academic adviser at Temple who said Ms. Constand $3.38 million in 2006 as part of the confidential financial settlement of a lawsuit she had brought against him after prosecutors originally declined to bring charges.[The Bill Cosby case: A timeline from accusation to conviction.]But Ms.

Constand, now 45, was a desperate “con artist” with financial problems who steadily worked her famous but lonely mark for a lucrative payday. Cosby who had been a deceiver, hiding behind his amiable image as America’s Dad to prey on women that he first incapacitated with intoxicants. Constand had confided to her in 2004 that she could make money by falsely claiming she had been molested by a prominent person. Constand said she had never spoken with the adviser, and prosecutors rebutted her characterization as a schemer. Cosby, was the testimony from five other women who told jurors they, too, were Cosby victims. Constand testified, she took the stand as something of a proxy for the other women, more than 50, who have accused Mr. None of those accusations had resulted in prosecution.

A better title for “Lost in Space” would be “Mired in Mediocrity.” Updating the 1960s series for the Netflix age was a good idea, but the execution is lacking in this new chronicle of the Robinson family’s spacefaring adventures.

Once the drama gets past its first three episodes — which take too long to lay out a very simple series of premises — much of the action plays out, inevitably, in a forest outside Vancouver.The first trial ended with a hung jury after six days of deliberations last summer. Cosby sat back in his chair and quietly stared down. Cosby, 80, had admitted to decades of philandering, and to giving quaaludes to women as part of an effort to have sex, smashing the image he had built as a moralizing public figure and the upstanding paterfamilias in the wildly popular 1980s and ’90s sitcom “The Cosby Show.” He did not testify in his own defense, avoiding a grilling about those admissions, but he and his lawyers have insisted that his encounter with Ms.Several women who have accused him of abuse, and attended the trial each day, briefly cheered. Constand, who had been quiet throughout, stood up and was hugged by supporters, including her lawyer.[Did the #Me Too movement have an effect on the Bill Cosby jury? Cosby did not comment as he left the courthouse, but his lead lawyer, Thomas A. “We are very disappointed by the verdict,” he said. Constand was part of a consensual affair, not an assault.The impression of change was evident within the trial itself when the defense attacked the credibility of five women who had testified that they, too, believed Mr. She called the attacks filthy and shameful and the sort of criticism that had long kept sexual assault victims from coming forward. Constand for taking part in not one, but two trials.“She has been a major factor in a movement that has gone in the right direction, finally,” he said.The array of characters begins to expand beyond the Robinson clan fairly early on, but, like the sneaky Dr.Smith, Don West starts out as a relatively irritating presence and doesn’t progress much from there.Attempts to delve into problems in the marriage between Maureen and John Robinson sputter, given that John is a standard issue TV father with nothing unique to recommend him.After five episodes of frequently slack pacing, meandering character development and derivative adventures, the only truly intriguing character around is the Robot, who, unlike a number of other “Lost in Space” characters, rarely does anything dumb.This undercuts one of the show’s core ideas, which is that the Robinsons, whatever their personal flaws, are all brave, savvy and intelligent.The adults, teen daughters and young Will do occasionally come up with smart schemes or face things that are genuinely terrifying.


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