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Prongua people thought were that he had accidentally shot himself and that the wound had affected his veeson No' airplanes were seen or Sunday Dealing with the attendance. Kermode says "The records of vis- itors during the last few years show with what Interest the museum Is regarded, not only by local resi- dents, but by people from all parts of the world. Possessing flcrapbooks and other records, and with a fairly retentive memory.

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It just too difficob for ns to do aoxsdves.* In an, the fus Araising team win cost leaa than 0,000; Jost said. Just credited lot of skepdosn about hiring a team to do ^ by in yd;y : M AUaata« baaed tsiog company this, but evoybot^Jias been pleased. But i nv e sto r s attracted by falling prices and short-sellers — who bad sold bor- «"«*».

This Includes twelve hourt off assault, suspended 31,375 people who registered on the their attack on Jtminez, Chihuahua, museum book.

this afternoon but "a definite at- j "During the year 1038. Mitc "good and is a hetfthftil laxative ■ ereal." Victoria Company H M.

Duncan knew his former nurse In the district Saturday ml * « "Miss Bessie Van Ark." of Bolton. Telegraph and telephone lines and railway services have been seriously l disrupted A foot of mow la reported I to have fallen In the Capreol dta- trtrt North Bay street*, which were fre*» of mow yesterday, were today covered with eighteen Inch** to two ! 565 Yates Street Phone 8834 - Two and a Half Miles From City HANDSOME BUNGALOW Oi . LOT is one-third of an acre, but more land is available. Floral decorations were specially lavish, and the reports, given show I that the musical part of the services was of a very high order Many tributes were paid to the results of the leadership of the choirmasters and the assiduous training by the choirs, the members of which gxve voluntary aervloe.

He enlisted the aid of a Canadian and American legions. R RAKER DIES ease was given publicity by news- T-,. f**t of mow The storm shows no | signs of abating Mackenzie, White & Dunsmuir, Lid. laje fna, frame and stucco construction on granite foundation. STURDILY BUILT from the basement to the i Br rinsed t i h IS RECORD ONE With sunslune flooding land and w« Hi! Reception of members added large numbers to the church rolls of some of the congregations. - and The Trumpet Shall Sound ' The choruses chosen were "Behold the Lamb of Ood." ' Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs' and 'Since by Man Came Death." The music- sustained a high level throughout and the congregation ass raised to a high pitch of inter- est in the closing "Hallelujah Chorus." At the morning service, at which Dr. Andrea 's Cathedral was crowd- ed at the services of Holy Com- munion at 8 o'clock and the Solemn High Mass at II. Ernest Raymond Will Attend Victoria- Vancou- ver Conference on Educa- tion and Give Addresses IT KM I PI n o\ TITANIC Dl^ i Sl ER hogmoar Topcoats Are Dif f ere sit . When Ziegfeld selects them, you can be sure they have personality This lovely New York ?


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