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I would like to look at each of these in turn and, since it’s currently “Geek Week” on You Tube, I’ve chosen to illustrate each of these pitfalls with a picture from my favourite geeky TV show, The Big Bang Theory 🙂 Fail #1: Friends First, “Friend Zone” Forever For shy guys, the strategy plays right into their wheelhouse. Guys, if it’s worth the risk, then you’re just going to have to put yourself out there and take a chance.

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It’s not hard to find examples of what happens when someone rushes headlong into dating and becomes so emotionally entangled with the other person that it becomes extremely difficult to deal with problems in the relationship, or even to recognize when problems exist. However, due to fear, he never does anything to make it happen.

Researchers have demonstrated that that heart-pounding feeling of being in love is driven by norepinephrine, which is chemically related to adrenaline.

Researchers have pinned down the chemicals that flow in our brains and bodies when we have that rush of romantic excitement. A psychologist in York, England, had subjects who were complete strangers follow this protocol: They told each other intimate details of their lives for half an hour and then were directed to stare into each other’s eyes for another four minutes without speaking.

I know plenty of people who have got together through physical attraction and initial chemistry, only to find out a month or two down the line that there isn’t really anything else on which to base the relationship. He may even manage to convince himself that things progressing, but in reality his glacial pace will simply mean that he’ll miss his chance when a less inhibited guy steps up and pursues her properly.

To their shock, they realize that the other person approach. In response to this, I can only really offer the encouragement I gave in an earlier post.


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