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For 32-year-old Miss Mori is a Buddhist nun in search of a perfect husband, with a telltale black gown draped over her blouse and a red prayer book by her bag.

Marriages have hit a record post-war low, with only 653,740 tying the knot last year, according to recent government figures, while average marrying ages have increased to 31 for men and 29 for women.

“I have had girlfriends in the past but now I’m looking for a wife,” he said.

“It’s the first time I’ve been to something like this but I am looking for someone who is focused on a vocation.” Referring to low marriage rates, he added: “I think there’s too much technology. People think real-life things, like getting married, are too much hard work.” Not so lucky – and perhaps a more typical representative of the nationwide demographic - was a downcast Ichiro Sato, a 40-year-old healthcare sales worker from Mitsuke, Niigata. About 60 per cent of my colleagues at work are also single. “Women also seem to be happy single and are in no hurry to marry.

They confirmed my initial impression about this dating service as solid and trusted, so I didn’t hesitate anymore and became the member of it.

That was my first step in the completely new world of online dating and I have never regretted that did it.Similarly, Glitch says his girlfriend is impressed by his one-liners and his wit — but they don’t blow her away.The Han and Leia love affair is reminder, Glitch says, to just be yourself in relationships. Glitch has dated “normal” (his word) women before, but they haven’t always been enthusiastic about his “” obsession.The nun matchmaking event was the brainchild of Masataka Sekine, a monk from Shibata in Niigata prefecture, northwest Japan, in collaboration with the Tokyo-based matchmaking company Two Ai Links.It follows their successes staging four monk matchmaking events across the country over the past two years, which resulted in 31 couples and four marriages.But one day I had to make a business trip to Ukraine and stay there for some time.During my trip, I had a great experience of learning Ukrainian culture, people and, of course, incomparable Ukrainian girls.• Japan closes famous hot spring due to 'orgies' Perhaps only half-joking that he’d been looking for a wife “all my life”, he said: “I came today as I was curious about meeting nuns and temple life. Frankly speaking, the idea about finding my soulmate with the help of Internet had never come into my mind.The events were aimed at helping Japan’s 75,000 temple families hit hard by the nation’s demographic decline, according to Mr Sekine, who also organises yoga and Italian organic cuisine at his temple to attract younger generations.“People are not having children and it’s difficult for those living in small cities and rural areas to meet other young people,” he said.


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