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will glad resubmit their material to be added to the website. "Facelift" is now being exclusively sold in paperback at the following address: For a limited time only, members of any of the following websites will be given a free copy upon request. attachid=1467543" data-reactid="22"NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - 01/03/11) - A new Book by Gotham Dating Partners Inc. of Gotham Dating Partners Inc., the parent company of the Niche market dating website, came up with the idea after discovering he had a cult following on Facebook to read his inspirational wall posts. "I knew that there was a demand for my writings so packaging it in a way that it could be sold was the next obvious stage of progression." Facebook has afforded businesses to create markets where there was none before. it is clear, because of the inappropriate and unfounded ouster of Wikileaks from its servers, they have no respect for the First Amendment of the U. If and when they should reconsider their actions against Wikileaks, Gotham Dating Partners,,,, and Those who wish to purchase a copy can do so by going to looking up the title "Facelift" by Aaron Fraser. will be developing a brand for the "Facelift" series that will come in 500 Wall post Volumes. Dating Partners Inc. is hoping that people will be interested in what they have to say, more importantly, what they have to say on Facebook. In support of Julian Assange and Wikileaks, Gotham Dating Partners Inc. will glad resubmit their material to be added to the website.

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NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - 01/03/11) - The producers of a New Reality Show, Gotham Dating Partners Inc., in the name of "Let's Hook Up" is challenging the entire reality T. Never before has a show like this been aired, which makes this 'live social network dating.'"There are absolutely no hidden secrets to this show.“It is easy to connect with members of our ugly people dating service, millionaire dating website and other services,” Fraser stressed.“You can send a message or send a card on the profile of the member you want to contact. They are crossing boundaries never seen before in the Realty T. All viewers can use their mobile devices to send in text messages instantly, indicating their selections, and in turn, the contestants can either decline or accept the offer instantly. "Let's Hook Up" is an interesting show produced by us to permanently change the concept of Reality T. You can pick from any of the men or women of the pool.This would make all of our members transparent before the eyes of the world. If and when they should reconsider their actions against Wikileaks, Gotham Dating Partners Inc.The changes will also affect members using the employment services website, Please visit the websites to ensure your information is accurate and matches public records. fears, if they don't take these measures, the nation will have more incidents like that in Arizona, Columbine, and other bizarre acts of violence by sociopaths who have public profiles that were inaccurate."It is better to take a safe than sorry approach to our website," says Damon Jordan, VP of Marketing. will start creating profiles from information posted on Social Networking sites, mailing list, marketing surveys, Government census records, real estate listings and Business websites.Creating profiles for individuals, even if they do not register with us, is a protective measure to ensure the accuracy of the information submitted on our websites."This is a preventive measure," says Jordan.


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