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The only issue is that you say that your phone is old.It needs to have a recent operating system so that the most recent version of Googlemaps can work.We own a 3 year old USA model Garmin Nuvi 50 with USA maps only. Please can somebody let me know if it is possible to load maps for Canada onto the device? I have looked at Garmin's website, and most of the links are for updating existing map sets.

For example, does the device have a limited capacity, meaning that I need to off load my USA maps before I can buy then upload the maps for Canada? Would there be a better way of getting free or cheaper good maps for Canada that work offline?

I do have an old model 'spare' i Phone, unlocked, for example. I will be honest in that I know little about the Garmin but looking at their Nuvi page, I am guessing you bought the 'lower 49 states' version (this means no Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico so not all USA).

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I was just hoping that there would be cheap and easy to use technology that I could try out on this trip to get this dinosaur into the 21st century a bit more!

SWT #7 is the answer I'd have given if nobody else had. You may have to remove the US datafile first to make room.

If Banff or Vancouver does not come up as a destination you will need to up load a new set.

this is the Garmin site for map downloads…

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