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Soon after being licensed to drive at 16, she was arrested for DWI.She still hates her mom, but receives all her money from her parents.

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These are mostly meant as comedy pieces, but surfing them carefully enough reveals information about two characters Niko eventually meets, Eddie Low and Alexandra Chilton.

Niko is unable to shop online, with the tiny exception of the mission I'll Take Her, in which Niko simply collects a phone number from Auto Eroticar's site to communicate with the seller (and, having only set a trap for her, abandons the car he was supposedly going to buy).

These are not real websites but most of the domains are owned by Rockstar Games and redirects to the official GTA IV website in real life.

The Wikipedia links in brackets refer to the real life websites it is believed the game's websites parody. The game's traditional news websites (discounting LCPD's website and the secret blog) change as the story progresses, many of their news articles documenting missions Niko does in the game and providing backstory or aftermath to those missions.

She has extreme issues with her mother, who verbally abused her by constantly telling her she was not pretty.

Because of this, she once had an eating disorder and currently spends a lot of money on plastic surgery.Alex lives in the Middle Park East neighbourhood of Algonquin, a couple blocks up from Niko's Middle Park East Safehouse.Apparently, she has a pink limo, though it is never seen.Note: Unlike the real-world Internet, all sites whose URLs are entered manually must include " otherwise they will not work. Occasionally a friend may also alert Niko to a news story appearing on one of the sites.Niko is unable to use social networking sites, only communicating through his standard email.She once very harshly says that she's happy her mother has been diagnosed with cancer in her abdomen.Alex is a stereotype of most wealthy women approaching their thirties, being somewhat materialistic and highly involved in liberal arts.She continued to date him despite unpleasurable sex and his breath smelling like "dog shit", likely because of his extreme wealth although she claims to have a very complex love and attraction to him. Although the LCPD calls her "delusional", leading to rumors that she bluffs and embellishes her lifestyle, they confirm that she is "high society".Her credit cards are frequently maxed out, because she buys six-figure dresses for herself and weekly champagne enemas for her chihuahua Valentino.Alexandra "Alex" Chilton is a datable character in Grand Theft Auto IV, she is considered one of the best girlfriends to date in GTA IV by fans.Alex can be met on in the women seeking men section.


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