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And in 2014 he emerged as one of the greatest voices of Eurasians, picking up where i had left off, but with a renewed intensity.And so even though he was silent 2011-4, he was deeply affected, and would someday emerge as one of our greatest champions.Of course, I can’t take all the credit, and as the links from r/Hapas has shown there were Eurasians saying things similar to me long before 2011.

But the momentum of r/Hapas is such, that I’ve kinda taken a lazy “why bother?

”; attitude that this blog is rather insignificant in an age in which r/Hapas has already absorbed all of my insights, and taken them even further.

Some guy from Urban Dictionary had already put it perfectly in 2010. That WMAF is often very anti-Asian male, and yet to White society, we WMAF Hapa sons ARE Asian males.

Thats the case in a nutshell, and theres not much you can say to refute it.

What is the purpose of this blog in the era of r/Hapas?

When I 1st returned to this blog, I was in a period of extreme angst and despair. I’m not sure if I really had much to add over anything I had written in 2011, but most of this blog was actually written in 2014. I did write a little more about my personal autobiographical issues.

I believe it had already been linked in my comments section, before I even returned. When people were making a lot of personal attacks on me in 2014, I desperately appealed to them to look at r/Hapas, and see all the evidence that these are the problems of Eurasians as a race and not just me personally.

Remember that at that stage in 2014, r/Hapas was nothing but links. And honestly I’m not sure if I have anything more to say when r/Hapas has said it all.

I have been pretty down and want to let it all out. It shouldn’t be about me, it never should have been about me. Ultimately the only Judge and Arbitrator can be the Eurasian People themselves. A large number of them have already voted that it does.

But if I do feel, that its all been said already and theres not much for me to add, thats just a symptom of the success of Eurasians. And I believe that these views are grounded in the lived experiences of Eurasians, and that the vast majority will say it is True to them.


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