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Anyway, it's a good enough site and ive had a couple of date invitations so maybe things will improve soon. 1- you clear up all guys' profiles in your area in 4 days. So don't buy super powers for more than 1 week 2- even with superpowers, they don't show likes, which is impossible since I get favorited all the time 3- they don't refund for credits you didn't want to buy.

If you dont uncheck the box for an autorefill when it goes below 200 credits, they will suck your wallet.

Of course, this redirects you to a new page and you have to start all over.

Eventually, you figure it out and delete your account, but if you pay attention there is all sorts of subtle trickery on the site to try to get you to click wrong buttons.

So, my recommendation is you not spend a dime with them, but take advantage of what they offer for free, and no more.

There were some women that I had to pay to contact, I think those women don't exist. Sure there are some fake profiles and some scammers but you will also meet a lot of real and genuine women on Hot Or Not! I prefer Mingle2day but that is just my personal opinion. I deleted my account because the site already said my credit card was unlinked, so it was my last resort option, and STILL I am getting charges. I deleted my account and a few days later still got a charge of 79 cents.I paid, contacted them, got no reply, and noticed that my location changed from my home city to a city 5 hours away.I communicated with another member, and her home city was incorrect.The delete screen starts starts with the classic trick of showing a big blue button that says "Stay on Hot or Not" with a small gray link below it that says Delete Account (trying to get you to accidentally click the big blue button instead).After a couple of screens like this, you are then asked to enter your password (AND enter a captcha, but I digress), but if you signed in via Facebook, you will have to actually first click "forgot your password" and create a password.Last time I was this PLEASED with a dating site was when I used (met my ex on it and am NOT going back in case I see her there lol). I have already paid and am not going to lie and say I have a crush on someone. To get a full access, you have to build the access a bit at this time by adding more and more and more money. I went for match because its the ads are over the TV and subway but im not really getting anywhere yet.I'd recommend to any1 (especially guys) that are looking for a site you can TRUST. Maybe I should have gone for both but I hoped id only need one membership, maybe in hindsight that was a bit lazy.As she had only signed up on one dating site add never heard of hot or not. It said to send a crush to someone you don't know and cost money to do so.I signed up,she had not, yet we where talking ...curious Pleased to report that there are REAL chicks on Hot or Not, not having any problems with scammers or any cam girls, which is a breath of fresh air. The app no longer works without immediately going to the send a crush screen that costs money. If you sign via Paypal or your credit card beware that they automatically link and charge you every month without refund. I have one friend that who me that is the best and another who recommended


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