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Just doing this will take the pressure off him, because he’ll feel that you’re okay being in his presence.One of the quickest ways to put him at ease – and instantly connect with his heart – is to confess what you’re really feeling. You can say something like: “You know, I’m feeling really nervous here.I felt we had a great connection online, and now I’m not sure what to say,” There’s a good chance he’ll venture that he’s having the same problem, and then you’ll have something in common!Much of the pressure from first dates comes from testing to see if we can trust this person enough to start revealing who we are. The more you reveal about yourself and your true feelings, the more he’ll feel comfortable opening up about himself.If you keep this in mind, you’ll find that your next first date will be much more enjoyable.I assure you it's not easy, delivering a good icebreaker takes skill and panache - whether you're a man or a woman. Here are 18 brilliant Happn icebreakers that will have you laughing, cringing, and sometimes doing both at the same time... The world of online dating can be a daunting prospect for even the most composed and confident person. From misleading profile pics to coming across absolute nutters - it's certainly not a place for the faint-hearted. So say something about his class ring or the shoes he’s wearing.Chances are, there’s a story there; and he’ll welcome the opportunity to share it.


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