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Thanks to him, we won the Champions League in Istanbul.

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A large, sprawling city spanning two continents, Istanbul is often at the top of many bucket lists for those who want to experience a bit of everything: delicious food, wild nightlife, historic architecture, intriguing hamams (Turkish Baths) and Islamic culture.

A mega-metropolis whose skyline is a mixture of minarets and modern high-rises and streets are infused with history, Gay Istanbul draws countless queer men from across the Middle-East – as either traveller or permanent –where they are offered a relatively liberal and open gay scene, especially compared to the repressive, homophobic regimes of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iraq where sharia law and the penal codes implement the death penalty for homosexuality (although increasingly Gay Bangkok is drawing these travellers with a simple visa-free policy and lower prices) Bar Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities – Istanbul is one of the Middle East’s most liberal cities.

‘You could see every training session, the way that he was training and the way he was doing things, I think he was someone he was someone who had to make a difference in the games.

‘I think he has the knowledge and the experience, and also he has been away to another country which I think is important because he has still has ambition.

‘Maybe he can be a good coach in the future,’ Benitez added.

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‘If he wants to talk to me about that, we can be in contact and then I can give him some good ideas, and I’m sure the club will give him some ideas.

I think he is also lucky because he’s had English coaches, French coaches, Spanish coaches and German coaches.

‘He has had coaches from different countries and approaches to the game, and that is always a real positive for any player.

The group even managed to top the chat show host in terms of numbers, cramming 14 people into the shot compared to Ellen's 12, which was taken in an environment much less glamorous than Los Angeles' Dolby Theater: the back of a police van.

The image was posted on Twitter by Ali Emre Mazlumoğlu on 10 March, attracting thousands of retweets.


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