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As the surroundings of the jump weren’t close to attractive by any means, I tried to find a different angle.After few warm up tricks, Dawid was ready to drop hammers like this 720 tuck no hander and I knew, I needed to hurry up with an idea as it was his first try on real dirt to pull it off.

I am a sports action photographer based in Warsaw, Poland.

My passion for mountain biking from day one was the reason to take up photography. I specialize in photo reports from events and sports competitions of any kind; commercial photos for companies, magazines and anything that looks interesting for me.

Creating the most stunning and inspiring photographs is what I strive to do.

That is why I always try to take my skills to the next level every time I pick up my camera.

This may not sound like a huge issue, but I'm someone who can take hours even days to reply to a single paragraphed email in my attempts to reply to every Sentence or Topic Mentioned.

I'm Very SORRY to those of you who have sent me Emails & Messages and are still waiting on a reply, please know I have not been ignoring your messages and (Touch Wood - No not the Naughty kind of Wood ;-p ) I will be replying within the coming weeks.

I think that staying open-minded made me who I am today, so I don’t fear anything life sets for me.

My absence from recent posting has NOT been from a lack of desire to post...

It is currently the worlds fastest sports car available, as it has the ability to break the 100 Kmph mark in a mere 2.5 seconds.

This super sports car is not just highly efficient, but it is also known for its beauty.


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