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The bride is Zaynab, a Shiite, a graduate from the Department of Translation and a colleague at Maher’s workplace.

He only asked him about his family, their reputation, and his qualifications, and our destined marriage was fulfilled, al-hamdu lillah.” Khadija explained, “There is no restriction on the practice of religious rites despite the differences.

Besides, there are no differences between the two Islamic traditions.

There are fellow Turkmen who marry Kurds and Arabs and vice versa also.” The judge commented on the problems that may arise from choosing the religious school to follow for the legal proceedings: “There are two prevalent traditions followed in Iraq: the Hanafi school [which is Sunni] and the Ja`fari school [which is Shiite].

But I notice that most people make their agreement outside the court previous to presenting themselves to me, and then I only have to speed up the process and complete the marriage according to the law.” “I don’t recall that the security incidents negatively affect a large number of people who apply for marriage [certificates].


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