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Over its 9 years of operation as a commercial airfield, numerous important and record-breaking flights left from Floyd Bennett – see the very impressive (and often amusing) list here.However, La Guardia Airport’s opening in 1939 sounded the death toll for Floyd Bennett Field, and it was purchased by the Navy in 1941.

What this means is that when you visit Floyd Bennett Field today…

…It’s like stepping back in time: Floyd Bennett Field is a great place to explore by bike, because the enormous expanse has so many neat things to discover.

Before La Guardia and JFK, Floyd Bennett Field was New York City’s first airport, at a time when nearly all air traffic was based out of Newark.

Floyd Bennett Field was built at the southern end of Brooklyn on what was once known as Barren Island.

Named for the famed Arctic pilot (who in fact lied about reaching the North Pole), the official dedication was marked by the flyover of 672 army aircraft.

Today, the aerial view of Floyd Bennett looks very much the same: FBF was declared part of the Gateway National Recreation Area in 1972, with a number of its buildings added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The Floyd Bennett historic district consists of the Administration Building, as well as a number of hangars and repair shops.

The below picture taken in 1931 offers a better idea of the layout – the Administration Building is in the center, surrounded by hangars.

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