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After Lapin, Stelter began pursuing NY1 traffic reporter Jamie Shupak, whom he first flirted with via Twitter direct message (according to a talk on finding love via non-dating social networks that the couple gave at last year’s SXSW, Twitter, where his professional success was front and center for any interested women to see, was a place where he regularly attempted pickups).

The couple is now engaged, and has tirelessly chronicled their relationship on Twitter, Instagram, her now-defunct dating column for , her cooking blog, his Tumblr, and most recently, Shupak’s lightly fictionalized e-book account of the year she spent being single during which she met “Bantering Ben,” the balding reporter whom she at first found cheesy, and then fell for.

His intonations are correct but overeager; his hand motions a bit too choreographed.

His laughter can be too quick and his pursed lips during a guest’s answer suggest anxiety about when to jump in with the next question. One week in early January, Stelter decided to do a segment on what he’d learned by covering a winter storm for CNN.

There, he had a blog called TVNewser, which attracted the attention of (and tips from) top television executives, was eventually bought out by Media Bistro, and earned Stelter a big profile in the for its “silly” and “overblown” prose. As a teen in the late 1990s, he happened to be watching MSNBC when Lisa Napoli, the network’s Internet correspondent who had been recently hired from the , did a segment on instant messenger and—in a stunning act of trust—gave out her own handle.

(The book will be turned into a Lifetime movie about the Ann Curry brouhaha). Sorry about the late update today, we got snow and I had to go and play! Stelter IMed her, full of questions about what it was like to have her job.

He stood in front of a TV set filled with images of him kitted out in CNN-labeled winter gear, holding a mike, and explained what he’d learned about weather stories.

“This is good television,” Stelter declared, gesturing at his own images cycling through.

A memo to staff about his hiring touted Stelter’s blogging background, and declared him to be a symbol before he’d even started there: “His hiring underscores the expansion of our efforts to integrate what we do online and in the print edition.” Stelter’s web-native digital facility did indeed make him stand out inside a rapidly evolving newsroom.

He had scads of Twitter followers, and though he’d brag on the social network when he got an A-1 placement for one of his stories, he appeared just as happy to write online posts.


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