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Let My People has been the grandest one of all, packing 'em in 3,000 strong, including Jewish jet-setters from London, Toronto, and Sydney.

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Berman said her goal for the discussion was to "inspire people to believe in love." As a young Jewish single woman, she feels Jewish people finding love is the "most important thing" in their lives."Without love we cannot exist," she said.

"We can build as many companies as we want, you can have your family, you can have your friends, but without love, we cannot grow and we cannot exist, so love is the main focus."Berman urged the attendees during the discussion to become the person they want to date."We all know what our flaws are, those areas we are not so good at and where we need improvement, so start with yourself.

Become the list of things you want in the other person."Klein told attendees during the discussion that it's very hard for singles very often not to feel jaded by love and that they all have had disappointments, have had high hopes, have been in serious relationships that have fallen apart and that many in the audience have had their hearts broken."Don't become jaded," Klein urged the audience.

"I think this is the most important thing."One of the event organizers, David Crystal, an author and political activist from Miami Beach, said, "I think all the goals for the event were accomplished except for the fact that for some reason we did not attract enough women under the age of 32.

The Jewish people account for less than one percent of the world’s population.

So, it’s not always easy finding a date for dinner and a movie. The Network, the Under-40 Connection of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, can help you meet new people, and also link you to social opportunities for education, volunteering and leadership training.

Crystal also participated in Intrator's first Jewish singles discussion this past summer along with Sara Shulevitz, a lawyer and TV personality in Miami.

Shulevitz, who also attended the recent soiree, said, "It was a wonderful event because everyone was able to express themselves."Visit for more information.

Slomowitz also pointed out that singles at her events, or those of other groups, have an advantage to meeting at Jewish Internet dating websites."Going to events is a nice, relaxed way for people to see each other 'for real,' without being surprised about an ancient photo that may have been sent on a website.

Also, just being in someone's presence can give you a feeling of whether you want to spend more time together."To contact Slomowitz, email her at [email protected] in Highland Lakes."I am not the pulpit rabbi and rent space each Friday evening.


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