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Some break-up lines are dressed in compassionate clothing and leave the dumpee feeling worse or clinging to false hopes.You use them because you really don't want to hurt someone else's feelings - but also to help you feel less guilty when you feel responsible for someone's else's pain. No matter what you say when you're not ready to commit and your partner wants to continue, he or she will be hurt. The challenge is how to get your message across humanely without sugar-coating the truth, using platitudes or stringing them along. I wiped away my tears quickly and turned away from him.

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The interview got me thinking a bit more about common break-up moves when the timing or compatibility just isn't right.

The news is pretty doom and gloom, everyone good died in 2017 and the president of the United States is a climate change denying maniac who makes even this guy look like a total gentleman.

I’ve never been particularly inclined to think about the environment or my part …

I closed the window and pulled the curtains closed.

I knew my desperation must've been showing through my eyes, because he sighed and crawled out the window.


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