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It’s not that Jesus was upset that his sermon was being interrupted. When Home and Away first aired in 1988 on the Seven Network, the show’s creator, Alan Bateman, probably never guessed that his new soap opera would become such a huge sensation.

It’s not that Jesus was upset that his sermon was being interrupted.

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Let’s take a look at some of the show’s most notable characters over the years, what they have been up to and where they are these days.So, churches are right to be careful about who gets to teach and preach.We might not be comfortable with Jesus getting up and preaching – especially if we didn’t have a sense of who he was (or is) beforehand.Sure, if I know Jesus is coming to visit, I’d be glad to let him take the pulpit.I’m all for pulpit guests – but uninvited ones, I’m not so sure about them!The point of inductive preaching is not to offer a thesis, offer proofs, and then ask for a decision.Whatever authority that the preacher has is more indirect than direct.The scholastic method of doing theology that dominated the medieval western Catholic Church assumed this to be true.You lay out your proposition, then array the authorities pro and con, and formulate a conclusion based on those authorities. The rabbis would quote the experts so as to bolster their argument. He didn’t quote Barth and Calvin, Wesley and Pope Francis.William Placher provides us some context for the man. Despite Jesus’ best efforts to keep things silent, word goes out across the land. People have lost faith in the institutional church. We get nervous when new voices start to speak – whether it is Jesus or the unclean spirit. And are we willing to take this journey, knowing that none of us has any true authority?He writes that “like the children or mentally people we often try to keep out of church, he promptly disrupts by yelling his head off.” Isn’t that the way it often is – the ones who disrupt get it and we don’t. Remember that in Mark Jesus is seeking to keep his identity quiet. This synagogue crowd didn’t need to know, quite yet. At this the spirit releases the man and the people are once again amazed. Any authority that is present comes from the one who leads us.


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