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Nipsey Hussle & Lauren London (allegedly) break up and all folks are talking about is how she "can't keep a man?" We NEVER talk about how men "can't keep a woman." Why? Rj RE— Britni Danielle (@Britni DWrites) November 22, 2017Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle breaking up?First and foremost, why in the hell would I even have a category named that? I’m a firm believer in wrongdoings being the greatest teacher, because if you can acknowledge it and take accountability for your actions, then it ultimately makes you a better person.

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Her movie might have been a year old at that time and everyone was swooning over her.

This was going to be my opportunity to have all access and shoot my shot. Unfortunately, I got to the cookout late and she had already left.

My shot air-balled and landed at the free throw line. I tried to apologize, but she wasn’t having it and rightfully so.

I wasn’t trying to apologize to save face; I was apologizing because I totally disrespected her.

Lauren has always stayed private about her family matters on social media, but Nipsey found it necessary to tweet the news to his 694K Twitter followings, saying, "this was A mutual choice and We will function with each-other as family w love and respect." Read the full tweet below.

The couple's decision to part ways romantically comes as a shock to some loyal fans and Twitter users who looked up to the duo as a hip-hop power couple.

I generally wasn’t one to talk reckless to women or be disrespectful; I wasn’t raised that way. To be honest there’s really no excuse for what happened on my end, but I can tell you that I immediately deleted that group and vowed to never reference women as bitches again. In hindsight I needed that to happen, it was an extremely humbling experience.

I expressed my deepest apologies and learned a few valuable lessons about respect– respect for women as the queens that they are and respect for the curve.

I was already excited for the food, but then I was told Lauren London was going to be there, too.

My eyes almost popped out of my face over the phone.


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