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(Warning: Rated M for adult, sexual content and violence.) Please R&R! As a member of an African tribe that has held tight to the old ways, she can't help but be curious to the world outside of her own. The feline side effects can’t be all that bad, especially if it gives Jack the opportunity to get closer to his idol, Chase Young. CHACK, ONESHOTLOLZ srry teh title kind of sucks WARNING! But with rumors of a war breaking out between her people and settlers, and a strange (but fascinating) being that haunts the darkest parts of the jungle, Imara might have bitten off more than she could chew.

COMPLETEEdd's father decides its best for him to learn responsibility through a job at a restaurant . To make matters worse, his middle school bully decided to become a regular customer. While Soul and Maka bet over getting dates for the dance, a unexpected new threat stands in their way. #1- 20year old Michelangelo has found his soul mate in Austin. Warning: Makoto/Tarou, yaoi lemon and Masayuki being an asshole.“Hikari, I’ll take your everything.” When Kei said those words, he meant much more, did much more than just go for a race with Hikaru to the Big Ben.

They are all gathered at Mihashi's house for a good old fashioned study session when the little devil Tajima decides it's a good time to play 20 Questions. Warning, this gets really out of character at the end, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway. After almost getting killed, he knows things have to change, but he doesn't know if he has the ability to do it. Clay was lonely but happy, but what happens when a new girl shows up. Soul XMaka and some Black Star XTsubaki and Kiddx Patti XLiz Rating may change... Convinced she's "the one", Mikey buys a ring, but she refuses to meet his family. Will Mike's true love be the one to destroy the Hamato clan? Children were at the bottom of Gokudera's list of things to deal with...until he became pregnant via Yamamoto.

But will emotions, hate or otherwise, get in the way? Instead of thanking them, she insists that she would've been fine on her own. Slight April/Donnie, rated T cause they fight stuff. Main pairing Miha XAbe, but there's some Taji XHana, and maybe some more. Billy had known for a long time that Teddy was The One, and now he just had to work up the nerve to show him how much he really cared. It's mating season for demons and Sebastian is at his wits end. Strange love letters and stranger presents await Batman as he figures it out. While Raizo is realizing how he feels Mika decides maybe she needs to date? Interesting things happen when they share the same house. Raizo/Mika A mysterious Stormrider from Akito's past has beaten up his teamates, while Kazu is in intensive care Ikki is intent on teaching this punk a lesson. SLASH, Logan and Kurt sitting in a tree, you get the idea. What happens when she thinks Souls going to get home late so she 'teases' herself and he shows up abit too early? Sophie has changed without realizing but Howl's caught on.

2012 universe, ONESHOT, Please Review/favorite if you like it Dr. AU characters owned by C2ndy 2c1d 3Danny and the family go to the park and Vlad tags along lets just say fun has a diffrent meaning for Vlad [Yaoi Means boy X boy dont like dont read] \I have been thinking to make some more maybe like a small series of this tell me in the reviews Peter meets Wade in high school and their friendship soon turns into sweet teenage romance. He has put a lot of effort into the smoke and mirrors act, and it had worked to his advantage- until now. During the game with Tosei, Mihashi got hit with a stray pitch. It was time, he decided, to kick things up a notch... Can he win her back or does he have to fight off potential suitors to make sure his Mika stays his? Disclaimer: Neither Ninja Assassin, Raizo or Mika belong to me. Will Remy make it as an X-Man or will his bad boy history ruin his chances? M for language&lemons."I always liked wearing Raizo's t-shirts when he goes on missions, it makes me think of him." Mika's up late one night, so she decides to do the dishes while she thinks about Raizo. Akito meanwhile is torn between his past and his happy present, the future can only wait... Abe had always thought Mihashi was the one hopelessly devoted to him. Sophie takes a shower to clear her thoughts and gains a visitor. Dedicated to Sailor Tasuki19Nine days after the fight Hiccup notices how much Astrid has changed.

She can't fight, she can't hold her own even in an argument. Little does he know this one decision will change his life forever. SOULXMAKA LEMON It is going to be spring break, Maka wants to know what Soul wants to do for it, meanwhile Soul has noticed Maka has been a bit of tease lately, their feelings are explored through sweet lemony goodness. Can members of the Soul Society get Gin and his friends back and stop Aizen before he complete his plans?

But after the Foot forces their way onto her roof and the brothers step into her life, she steps into their world and finds her strength. : DMichelangelo runs into two girls while escaping Bishop, and ends up taking them to New York. The story begins after Akito's and Ikki's first meeting, after the night when Akito kissed him in the sky. Bleach alternate universe, yaoi, smut, murder, rape, lemons, swearing, drug abuse, and grit. When two people decide to have a child, it is usually as a sign of their love. By meeting a guy in the park, strange things start to happen. What will happen if Agito thinks it's all his fault and tries to stop it himslef? Ikki Akito Ikki Agit Sequel to "Goodbye Hueco Mundo". Some violence and menxmen pairing#2-SEQUEL: Raph helps a blind woman and makes an unlikely friend. Hiccup just kept running until she couldn't hear the voices, she didn't want to be lecture or have everyone talking about her behind her back, Hiccup had messed up, she had lost all her respect all because of the man she loves and holds dear to her. Dying from hypothermia in the cold of the Antarctic, Lex is taken on board the hunters ship. Please review Just like that the college intern became the subject of class 3-5's inner conflict were they gay, or did they just find the hot as fuck twink Nagisa Shiota the cutest little thing who apparently is also a huge bad ass motherfucker? Slade comes back and kidnaps all the Titans, and forces them to hear news that turns Raven's world upside down. When Soul comes home from school later than Maka one day, he has trouble controlling his urges towards his girlfriend - Lemon ensues. Warning this contains Dag Cup, Self Harm and near death of character! Escaping certain death only to find herself in a savage struggle for survival, can she assimilate into this violent society without losing sight of what it means to be human? When the dead started to invade the small ecovillage where Rowan grew up, her family and friends thought they were sick and tried to help them. Sam was just getting her life back on track, she didn't need a man in her life right now, but sometimes life has a funny way of showing you what you actually do need after all. And to make things even more interesting what happens when Kimiko makes it her new goal to get them together. Daryl/OC, AU, M for language, eventual smutx Xx Holic / Being chased by nasty spirits with the intent to devour him was merely a fact of Watanuki Kimihiro's strange life. Eddward Vincent is a surgeon and an assassin for an organization. Then things take a very wrong turn and it seems that their ways part - until the day Spider-Man meets the infamous merc, Deadpool. Backed into a corner by a law he can't side-step, he decides Mike is his only way out. Abe has a vested interest in the area where he got hit. Does Raizo really leave Mika laying on the ground bleeding and are they really safe now that Ozunu is dead? Maka has something she has been meaning to tell Soul for a long time, only she can't do it face to face. My first and I appreciate all my readers and reviewers. As their lives progress, he would come to realize that it was really the other way around. He still wonders about her sudden change of heart a little. A one-shot hot slash to get across an act encouraged by the odd atmosphere falling over Kong. What happens when the lone Ranger K gives him an ultimatum to be his lover? angst, fluff, Spideypool The mind is a powerful thing. It can make you imagine things that aren't really there. They're getting married, and Mike really has no say in it. As if being a blue fuzzy mutant wasn't hard enough, being in love with your best friend who apparently thinks of you as a little brother, and may or may not be completely straight makes it all the more difficult. And well, it might not really be kissing it better, but Abe thinks it's close enough to count. Instead she will go to that special place where they shared their first dance, a place that only exists inside the man she loves. Contains mature elements and is rated M out of precaution and because I think it should be. Set in Feudal Japan, a young metalsmith apprentice finds himself in over his head when it turns out that the teen he saved from thieves in the market is the son of a man on the same feudal tier level as the daimyo. When she invites him for a special date, the time has come to finally talk things out... Black Star decides to throw a 'party' at Maka and Soul's apartment, dragging everyone along as well. 2D's just out of the shower and is accompanied by a visitor. He was about to discover that amorphous spirits weren't the only ones hungry for his flesh. Doumeki x Watanuki x OC YAOISequel to my story, From the Start, Fem! A year after their wedding, Hicca and Dagur face their next big milestone, along with a few bumps and funny moments in the road :) Follow the continuation of their relationship as they lead their tribes, train new dragons, and become parents. Sequel to Underdog (so you might want to read that first, but you can survive either way) in the movie version of TMNT. I'm pretty sure its done, it may need to be revamped. The moment Soul Married Maka he new his life couldn't get any better, that was until he was sent on a 4 year long mission in the phillipines,who other than Maka will be waiting for him to return? COMPLETE Raph/OCSequel to "So He Creeped" Gin has left Hueco Mundo. Kaitlynn Daws is only an artist with a pasion for the night sky. sorry the summary kind of sucked : PAgito willed himself not to think of it, but you can't stop fate! no blood, well thats a lie, but i dont describe it or anything, and then it doesn't count, does it. A drunken Ichigo agrees to his roommates offer to buy him a prostitute.


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