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In this guide, we’ve outlined some places that you can visit to find Cambodian prostitutes if you are simply interested in sex but we’ve also tried to cover those places where you can hit up some singles for more serial dating opportunities.Understanding, and working out, the difference between the two will be up to you and your ‘spidey-senses’.That doesn’t mean that your average Cambodian girl isn’t intelligent and those that have grown up in the city have a far better understanding of the ways of the world than most.

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Modern Cambodian girls however adopt a more open (and familiar) approach to dating and are open to the idea of being courted, having casual encounters with men and exploring a relationship before marriage.

In Phnom Penh, dating a foreigner (known as a ‘berang’) is quite common and though many Cambodians suspect that a relationship between the two will be one of financial gain for the girl, it is tolerated.

However, dating foreigners is big business in the capital and the same rules don’t apply here.

There are two types of girl in Cambodia; modern and traditional.

However, even in the city, public displays of affection can cause offence so do observe this cultural difference. There are plenty of anecdotal stories of love that blossomed but we can’t ignore the fact that most relationships began as a result of ‘barangs’ flashing the cash.

Of course, there are plenty of genuine singles in Cambodia who will be more than just interested in a ‘rich’ western man. The question is, when you find an interested Cambodian girl is whether she is interested in a relationship or earning some cash.

If you suspect your hook-up is a freelancer then make sure you subtly get a price before you take her back to your hotel room.

You can expect to pay anything from - for a one shot wonder with a prostitute; however, you don’t want to insult a local so play it cool.

As a result of the ensuing political instability in the country, by the early 2000s this figure had risen again to around 55,000 with 15,000 prostitutes estimated to be working in Phnom Penh.

In 2008, the Cambodian government enshrined a law on the Suppression of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation which now outlaws pornography distribution, running a brothel, managing prostitutes and soliciting sex in public places.


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