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Your supervisor may assist you in making the report (for example, sit with you for support if you are uncomfortable in the process) as long as they do not interfere in any way with the making of the report.

Afterward, you should inform your supervisor (or whoever is designated at your place of employment) about the report. You do not have to investigate or be certain of the abuse, or even know the name of the person who is suspected of abusing a child.

Pennsylvania’s Child Protective Services Law (CPSL) was amended in 2014, including substantial changes to the list of people who are mandated reporters.

Effective December 31, 2014, people in these positions are mandated to report child abuse: When you suspect child abuse, the law requires you to immediately make an oral report of suspected child abuse via the Statewide toll-free telephone number Child Line at 1-800-932-0313.

" to have health insurance; those who do not buy coverage must pay a fine.

Getting rid of the mandate is meant to help fund tax cuts, but if Congress does succeed in repealing it, that could have an unintended side effect.In addition to required training for school employees and independent contractors (enacted in 2012), mandated reporters who hold a professional license or certification under the Department of State and mandated reports who work for an agency that is licensed, supervised or registered with the Department of Human Services are required to receive training.Foster parents are also required to have regular training. We have been providing mandated reporter training for almost 20 years.They may contact you for additional information or if they have questions.They conduct a safety and risk assessment and proceed with whatever action is needed to insure the safety of the children.You will be told the final status of the case and any services provided to the child/family.The law requires the name of the mandated reporter to be kept confidential, and Children and Youth Services agents take that requirement VERY seriously.Professionals have resources for protecting their safety; children who are abused often do not.Reporters are encouraged to try to appreciate the parent’s reactions and fears, and assure them you only have the best interest of their child in mind and will be glad to assist them in remedying the cause for concern however you can.They often offer services to families even if no abuse is present to help prevent future abuse.With the amendments to CPSL, mandated reporters will automatically receive the results of the investigation within three days of the investigation’s conclusion.


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