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But let's not neglect the gentlemen--specifically, one gentleman with such suave demeanor and classic good looks, they had to call him Cary: Matt Czuchry.And if you suspected those twinkling eyes masked a deep intelligence... I've got__two brothers, a sister, two nieces, and a nephew as well__.In summary, the last season of the show fulfilled my time as an audience member. The fans of GILMORE GIRLS deserve to know when the end is here so that they can have closure with these characters that they have lived with for so long. Then after the game, call my brother back and chat about the moments we enjoyed.

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A deeper friendship could develop as Rory grows closer to the end of her stay at Yale.I love this character and the opportunity to be on a show that I respect and enjoy. This summer I have enjoyed my time off through travel, friends, and family. I have been to Europe several times and each time I go, I dont want to come home.Since GILMORE GIRLS begins filming shortly, the new season is my main focus career wise currently. Every four years during this time my life becomes all about soccer. Europe is an incredible place filled with people who celebrate their lives.Personally, I would love to see Logan apply his spontaneous nature and love of life to the challenges he finds with the paper and his fast approaching adult life he has resisted to this point.As for Rory and Logan together, distance makes the heart grow fonder.So you walk into the cafeteria, pretend like it is no big deal on the outside, as you begin to crumble on the inside. Amy told me that she and Dan were not returning to the show during filming of the final episode this past season. I have never seen a blooper reel from Gilmore Girls and I cant really say who screws up the most because my mind does not work that way. If you are staying true to the scene, then stuff just happens. When you find yourself really letting go, then sometimes the "mistakes" are the most honest and interesting aspects of the scene.You make a couple of choices on what to eat, and then as you walk to your empty seat, a group who has been friends forever wave in your direction. Even though they will not be on set this upcoming season, their characters, their voice, their town, their vision, remain. If you think that you or the other actor is screwing up, then your missing opportunities for honest moments in a scene. We usually dont hear about storylines until very close to the filming of that particular episode.A friendship that would survive even if the relationship becomes too difficult. As an audience member, I really appreciated knowing at the beginning of the season that it was the last for the show.In addition, the final episode was beautiful in the way they brought the show and its characters to completion. His character, Cary Agos, successfully convicted a man for Murder I, negotiated a raise at the Cook County state’s attorney’s office, and squared off against Blake (Scott Porter), rival of his sometime BFF, Kalinda (Archie Panjabi).We met Czuchry at New York's Café Minerva last week, upon his return from the SAG Awards, where co-star Julianna Margulies (a.k.a.


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