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My college sweetheart got things started with me that way.

I was really surprised she wanted to go out with me; she was so very, very pretty, I didn’t think she’d be interested in an ordinary guy like me.

Help me, nearing “codger” status, to understand the causes, and also venture some solutions.

A Journalist / Reporter regardless if affiliated with a large network CNN, Fox News etc or small network what you see, endure, stories cover and the consequences are the same.

And if marriage isn’t a real priority, why court a woman? But frankly, I also have to tell a lot of young women today that, like it or not, they’re going to have to take some initiative.

And if marriage and courtship are unnecessary, why date? For example, if a young woman sees a young man she would like to have ask her out, perhaps she can go right up to him and say, “It’s alright to ask me out.” or, “Ask me out you fool.” Or, “When are you going to get around to asking me to dance?” Back when I was in school, I had several young women who wanted to signal me that they were interested.They would often send word through one of their friends who would then say something like, “She likes you, ask her out.” And in many cases, I would oblige!The White House Correspondent’s Association hires the comedian for the yearly dinner.The presiding President of the United States of America is typically present at White House Correspondent’s Dinner.A radio listener recent wrote me about an interview I did on EWTN Radio with Barbara Mc Guigan.I mentioned that I had been doing a teaching on dating and modesty at a Theology on Tap session.As a priest in Washington DC, I talk with a lot of young women and am shocked that so many of these very beautiful women are seldom asked out by men. Some folks blame pornography and surmise that many men prefer fantasy to real women.Others blame the breakdown of the Church and family that used to help facilitate meeting and dating through dances and other socials.At that session I charged the men not to leave that night until they had asked a woman out on a date.This intrigued the listener, who wanted me to expand on this just a bit and what if anything she could do to get the twenty-somethings in her family (both male and female) to start dating again.


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