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I had written off most Moroccan men as being in either one of two categories: they either want to sleep with you or they want to sell you something.

I had written off most Moroccan men as being in either one of two categories: they either want to sleep with you or they want to sell you something.But, I luckily found one who doesn’t belong in either.; Have great dates by talking directly via our real-time Free chat.

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Many of us who live abroad may realize that it is very hard to integrate into new cultures.

It takes years of interacting with new cultures to understand their values; it only takes one published article to unjustly expect visitors and tourists to Morocco to be expert sociologists. Fact or fiction, it is important to note that many overlooked heart wrenching sentences like this by the author of the article published on MWN: “On any given day, I could walk through the souq in Fez or in the streets of El Jadida and be stared at, called to, and generally harassed.

That the cultural divide is beyond great between those who have it all and those who are oppressed socially, politically and existentially is not a cliché, but a reality that deserves our attention to bridge that gap, and give opportunities to all because the future of this country depends on it.

That some Moroccans are driven by an insatiable need to procreate, search for a better future and date foreign blue eyed women is only natural.

The maturity of our dialogue lags when it lacks a fundamental ingredient: Respecting each other when we disagree.

All consideration given to the stereotypes that one may have of a culture.

Tell me why haven’t “readers” with some sense of critical thinking paid attention to such a comment and debated it as a disturbing phenomenon?

It is a huge sociological problem to be a woman in Morocco, because of the relentless harassment on its streets. See, it is easier to blindly defend one’s lack of depth of a host culture, but I find it outrageous to nonchalantly accept the fact that millions of women are frightened to go beyond their walls.

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