Most intimidating birds in sports

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What you’re looking for is a 12-gauge shotgun with a 28-inch barrel. (I explain all the ins and outs of shotguns in this article.) You can get a basic Remington 870 for about 0 at any gun store in the country. I shoot a Weatherby Element, which is a little more expensive at 0 but handles quicker and, unlike the Remington’s pump action, allows me to stay on target as a new round is cycled into the chamber, thanks to its inertia-driven, semiauto action.

You'll need to find a guide or outfitter who has bird dogs you can use, and who knows how to handle them in the field. Something that contributes huge amounts of money to animal conservation is seen as a blood sport.

The most humane way to put meat on your table is seen as cruel. But just because other people aren’t prepared to apply critical thinking to their food sources doesn’t mean you can’t.

Trying to get into one at the last minute can be a real hassle and often impossible.

You’ll also need proof of completing a hunter’s ed course to buy out-of-state licenses, so keep your certification card in a safe place.


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