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The player must shoot at enemies and projectiles while also dodging attacks to survive and progress through the game.

The development of Sin and Punishment lasted longer than usual for the era.

Another group, led by a mysterious woman with unusual powers named Achi, rises up to defend Japan against the Ruffians and Armed Volunteers.

Within her group are Saki and Airan, the protagonists of the game.

is a rail shooter and shooting gallery video game co-developed by Treasure and Nintendo.

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Originally published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 in 2000, Sin and Punishment takes place in the near future of 2007 when humanity is struggling with a global famine.Critics highlighted the game's intensity and flashy graphics, and particularly pointed out Treasure's ability to reduce the game's polygon count to maintain smooth gameplay action while still keeping the graphics stylish.Since the game was never released in the west, it grew a cult following among import gamers, and it quickly became one of the most demanded titles for the Wii Virtual Console after its announcement.The game supports control schemes for left and right-handed players, switching the character movement controls between the D-pad and C-buttons on the Nintendo 64 controller. The game features a score system which grants bonuses the more hits the player can make without losing all their health.when humanity is struggling with a planet-wide famine.It was finally released in western territories through the Virtual Console in 2007 to positive reviews.In retrospect, Sin and Punishment is considered one of the best Nintendo 64 games.In response, Achi places Airan into a dream sequence, set ten years in the future in New York City.Here she meets her future son she shares with Saki, and sees a Ruffian Saki rampaging through the city.The game employs a unique Nintendo 64 controller layout, utilizing both the D-pad and control stick.This control scheme allows the player to strafe, jump, and dodge around the screen while simultaneously aiming the targeting reticle.


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