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Cantu was inspired by e Harmony's compatibility test -- which primarily measures personality traits of people who aren't on the spectrum -- to create a questionnaire specifically for people with autism.

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"I wanted to find people I could be free to be myself with." After researching what tools were available to help people with autism make social connections, Cantu was disappointed.Magro was positive they’d stay together through college and eventually get married.He didn’t notice that his girlfriend was trying to tell him otherwise, for months. I was kind of a deer in headlights,” he told Huff Post.I don't always know when to participate or how to participate in conversations ‘in real time’ because it's hard to pick up on the cues.” Mydske also has some of the sensory issues that inspired Cantu to start Spectrum Singles.“Loud noises aren't normally that scary for me,” Mydske said, “but unexpected noises and too many noises at once, like lots of people having different conversations, is something I have a hard time with because I just can't process all that auditory input.If not, when do I tell the person I am interested in that I am autistic?Immediately or after the person has gotten to know me a bit?Jacobs summed up that feeling: “I never know what they want or expect. They think I don't care, and I'm bewildered.” Inability to pick up on nonverbal communication cues is something Lei Wiley Mydske, the community outreach coordinator of Autism Women's Network in Seattle, can relate to.The 39-year-old said she’s often described as “quirky” or “charming,” but it’s the disabling aspects of that quirkiness that makes it hard for her to date -- or even maintain friendships.“I have been described as ‘painfully shy,’ but it is really what has been called ‘selective mutism,’" she said."I literally lose the ability to speak in some social situations.


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