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Boys on one side of the room, girls on the other, with barely repressed giggles and fear sweat in the air – the temperature was turned up to the max, presumably to make sure the women had something to look at when the men stood up.In general, the atmosphere was full of mutual support and sleepover-esque solidarity.(A word to the wise, though, for whoever compiled the playlist: if you want to put women at their ease, lay off the James Blunt.It was then that Rob informed us that, as predicted by my friends and family but strenuously denied by myself, the clothes would not be coming back on anytime soon. After all, in for a penny, in for a few extra Christmas pounds.While we were free to hold onto our robes and our underwear, the dates would take place as we were. At the halfway mark, I quizzed Rob on this big reveal.“You must be out of your mind,” my friends told me.“I wouldn’t do it in a million years.” Red rag to a bull, I’m afraid.Forget love at first sight, what about love at first sniff?Beforehand, my mother said to me: “Do you have time to get a fake tan?And to to help guide us through the latest scientific knowledge on human attraction, we had expert advice on hand.Everyone taking part came with a daring and trusty friend (a chaperone – how old fashioned! We had two complete rounds, so each person got the chance to see what happens when we do away with small-talk and arouse our hidden instincts.


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