My friend is dating a pathological liar

Most concerning, however, is the ability for such unsubstantiated news to spread.Immediately following the article’s posting, hateful comments were spawned by people who admitted to not knowing Greg, or any more information regarding the allegations against him than the general public does.A brilliant man died today, and I ask that we simply respect this loss, instead of trying to sensationalise it.

Such comments, when challenged, were responded to with sexist remarks.

I would love to quote the aforementioned comments, but as I wrote this, the Brisbane Times deleted their Facebook post on the article.

By using the word ‘outed’ they have created a strong implication of proof, an implication that is both unsubstantiated, and contrary to their later use of ‘alleged’.

The article has clearly been written with an attack against Greg in mind – it is no accident that the featured image of Greg is a pixelated, distorted image.

Instead of breaking the chain and finding ways to stop the habit, he will keep on lying to keep a women interested.

In the end, he may never have a stable relationship because the truth about him will come out eventually.Indeed, the only evidence the Times had themselves, was a supposed anonymous blog post, which the Times have not provided a link to, and which I was unable to find through my own searches.Of course, it is not just misinformed members of the public who will believe anything they read commenting on the internet that are spreading unproved allegations.What I will say, is that I do not believe, in the slightest, that the allegations made against him are true, and it is for that reason, that I am disgusted by the slanderous article the Brisbane Times have published.We live in a world where so many journalism outlets prioritise views over news.Once he sees that his stories are weaving magic on other people and the stories make them like him, what is the result?He will keep on weaving lies, and this habit he will take with him until he grows into a mature adult.Before he finally reaches adulthood, he is at a very awkward stage where it takes very little to wound his fragile ego.As a result, he makes up stories about his family background, and lies about himself.The following article is an individual piece of work by the author.The views and opinions expressed in it are solely that of the author, and are in no way necessarily the views or opinions of Print House or its writers.


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