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One I decided to overhaul instead at a cost of ,000, another I bought a Recon motor which, with all the extras was about ,000.

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If it's older than an '02, I would stick with my kitty, have an N14 BIG CAM Cummins or have a Detroit S60 (those were good engines). If all things were equal except the engine, the Detroit will wipe the floor with an N14 on fuel.

If it's in between, the ISX, despite it's cam issue, the ACERT CAT and the Detroit S60 would be a toss-up. Kevin and Bruce from Pittsburgh Power are now talking about building gliders with the N14 Cummins and Bruce believes he can beat the series 60 in fuel mileage with the N14. We will just have to wait and see what the results are.

This is painfull for met to admit since I drive an ISX now because I love Petes and didnt want an Acert so I had no other choice since you cant get a detroit in a Pete anymore. The Pete 387 (AKA the KW T2UGLY) and the Volvo are equal to each other aerodynamically, but they are not equal to Cascadia, Century, Columbia (which are roughly 3% sleeker).

I have had numerous problems with this ISX and can promise you it will be the last I buy. A half MPG difference between the Freightliner and the Volvo and PACCAR platforms, all other things (drivers included) being equal, is not unheard of.

Kevin does not like anything with (MASSIVE) EGR (Maxx Farts, D12, ACERT, D13, XE13, among others) and that's for a really good reason.

It seems Detroit did a really good job with the DD15, but that's probably the only engine I would go with if the truck was a 2007 or newer (AKA a beta test truck). very late comment here, so sorry for that, but an N14 will beat a Detroit in every aspect EXCEPT fuel mileage.But now I also use, fuel gauges, Disciple is the name of my truck.I was curious about the same thoughts, as I am looking for my first truck.All I seem to have been able to find are ISX powered units.I asked a 18 year mechanic at my companies shop about this engine. It is the best pulling truck I have ever driven, that is stock. (I'll add a pic of one of the cams on the bottom) The repair cost ,545.It's just simple aerodynamics combined with a great engine. Kevin is right on the cam issue, on my 2003, & 2004's they all needed cams around 865,000-920,000, the 2006 still has no issue and is well over 900,000 and I did have them checked.They have 2 cams and just that repair at Cummins is near ,000.Also it doesn't seem to matter what driver you put on that Detroit it gets over 7 mpg, I can put a driver in my truck and that 8mpg will drop to about 6.5 mpg!Always have checked fuel mileage by calculator at fill up. If the ISX has one thing great, it is the engine brake.So running and ISX will cost around 00 more oin fuel yearly no to mention the repairs which in my experience are more costly and frequent. The engine only makes up part of the equation of efficiency, the truck it's put in makes up another part, and the driver makes another part still.


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