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It became illegal to discriminate against credit card applicants because of sex, marital status, race or other reasons.

Think of rewards as a bonus for dollars you would be parting with regardless, not a reason to spend in and of itself! You might earn 5 percent back on gas and groceries with one card, while another favors travel.

If you're using your points wisely, you shouldn't have to break your budget to get a sweet reward. Review your spending to see what you shell out for the most (the Wallaby app also suggests the best card to use for a purchase).

They now effectively act as middlemen between issuers and merchants, ensuring transactions are legitimate before they get through and working with the merchant banks to complete transactions: In the 1970s and ’80s, it made sense to choose a card based on network, since the logo on your card affected where it might be accepted.

But as merchant acceptance for both networks became ubiquitous, issuers began adding new perks to their cards to compete. Issuers that had previously relied on their networks’ brands to promote their cards began offering sign-up bonuses, frequent flier miles, low-interest periods and other enticements.


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