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All of this effort may seem extreme, but it could also be seen as justified: As much as we acknowledge the importance of a potential partner's personal qualities and personality, online daters admit that when evaluating profiles, good looks is the first and most important factor they consider.[2] A profile without a photo might not never be read; at least one study found a lack of a photo to be an online dating “deal breaker,” though one that is still second to age.[3] Ironically, given its importance, research shows that having an attractive photo can actually a double-edged sword. [11] Eunsun Lee, Jungsun Ahn, and Yeo Jung Kim, ”Personality traits and self-presentation at Facebook,” Personality and Individual Differences Vol. [12] Lee et al.,” Personality traits and self-presentation at Facebook,” 166. This is a great idea both because we are our own worst critics, and your loved ones have a vested interest in seeing you find an honest, wholesome relationship. Hello you all , first of all this is not a spam because I am posting here just to show my appreciation to mike.

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But What I dont get in this day and age is how some people have no pics whatsoever online or on their pc, its not a very hard thing to do. Beth Why I do not talk to people with no pics:-- it is not fair for them to see me and me not see them-- if they end up being a creepy stalker I want to know what they look like-- when we meet people in real life, we see what they look like-- I am here to find people I am attracted to...

Come to think of it, all 3 guys I've met from online I didn't see a picture first! Two were from Yahoo a long time ago, and last year a guy a coworker was trying to hook me up with. I'm always interested in remaining friends but, for some reason, if it's going nowhere beyond that, they just don't put up the effort. if I do not know what they look like then I do not know if I am attracted to them-- worst case scenario: they do not have pic cause they are married/have gf and they do not want their significant other to see them using dating services Glad your experience was a good one, Bosslady. I knew that were she not to be sexy in my eyes, we coudl still hav efuin and be, if nothing else, AWESOME buds. Many people dont put pics up JUST TO SEE who the shallow sobs are out there. I also posted abad pic of me once, then about 3mths later posted an ab shot of myself andf apic that made me look cute.

lol He said yes.was 80 % of it and the other part had to do with keeping a low profile for his work (he is a private pilot) Now let me just say that my instincts online have turned out to be very good..bad experiences when meeting people at all..when he asked me to meet hiim for coffee the next day, I agreed. I knew from the conversation that no matter what his looks we would have a laugh and a good time. Not pretty boy movie star looks but totally my type!

So coffee turned into lunch turned into an all day date I was just curious to know if anyone else had ever met anyone without ever seeing a picture and how it turned out??

About a month ago I got mail from a guy from POF that I thought was cute..I responded with my msn even with no pic on his profile....something I rarely do. Anyway.was even better on and intriguing.

When speaking about his looks he said "don't worry I am not ugly" and I asked him if having no pic on his profile was an attempt to weed out the shallow people!Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.(One red flag indicating potential photo fraud is a poster who has only photo. Those glam shots that some women use are the worst, nobody looks like that in real life.In a world where so many people live lives of constant online show-and-tell, the solo-photo profile may be viewed with suspicion.) Similarly, with photo-editing software more available today, many posters also edit their pictures to make themselves look as good as possible. The best dating site photos are ones taken by other people and chosen by other people (friends or family). I love your observation about having friends or family chose your photos.anyways, he was 20 years older than what he said, he said he was 5'10", but he was 5'6", he said blonde hair, well he was bald.Another guy turned out to be mentally challenged, lololol boy do i have bad judgement, he talked ok, i couldnt tell, but wow i was so in shock when i met him, lol, and he was very young, id say 20 years old, he also insisted he was nice to look at.i don't want to meet up with a random guy who's a lot larger than me (not hard, i'm 5'2") and be thinking "he could do anything to me and i couldn't stop him" the whole time i'm with him. Back then everyone was using "Hot Guy" or "Hot Girl" so we called ourselves "IM2Sexy4U"..maybe i'm just paranoid, but that's my two cents worth!! Girl came & challenged the nick, turned out to be from the same campus.As for people that won't talk to people without pictures, It seams shallow and superfisual to yes, a few times, and boy did i learn my lesson, lol never guy was nice to chat to, met him after 3 months of chatting, and still no picture, i trusted him because of his chat.


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