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The corporate pay merry- go-round has been trundling on over the past few weeks regardless of what feels like an unprecedented series of corporate embarrassments.

Pay revolts have become a fact of life for many firms but, despite shareholder unrest, some still seem keen as ever to push the boundaries of what is acceptable while blaming anyone and everyone else when it all goes wrong (the market, the Government, previous management, the weather, landlords, to name but a few).

Three weeks ago we answered a reader question on This is Money: The cheapest energy deal is with a provider I've never heard of, is it risky to go with them?

The asking of that question, the existence of the safety net, the collapse of GB Energy, and what happens next, all combines to tell an interesting story about Britain's energy market. ....Every time I use online banking to pay a bill or transfer cash, it fills me with dread.

In the run-up to the referendum campaign almost all the serious forecasters were in a bleak mood.

Former Chancellor George Osborne predicted half-a-million job losses, the Bank of England warned of a technical recession and almost all the private sector forecasters slashed the outlook for growth.

....Figures suggest this year's borrowing will come in at £8bn or so above target.

Hammond's flexibility also has been diminished by a slowdown in asset sales, partly caused by the Deutsche Bank crisis which hit share prices of Lloyds and Royal Bank of Scotland.

It represents an attack on prudence, a financial discipline that you would think a Conservative Government would embrace wholeheartedly.

....Sterling is still 10 per cent down against the euro since the referendum.


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