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You’re forced to choose everything, to do all the work for him. All interactions are boring, unuseful, and maybe even a bit contrived. Or maybe you nailed the onboarding, but then you never email, never push (and maybe when you do, it feels totally impersonal and random…).

This direct angel investment leveraged a further €20.6m of additional public and private funds into these companies from organisations such as Enterprise Ireland, venture capital companies, and founders.

This week saw a significant record broken for HBAN.

Yes, being popular is fun and validating, but your Beef of the Month club app (general pun intended) doesn’t need to appeal to vegetarians.

As they say, some people might just not be that into you, and that’s okay. When in doubt about your marketing approach, hold it up against a dating approach.

“Technically HBAN is the umbrella organisation for all angel activity in Ireland.

Untechnically we’re a sophisticated dating agency,” quipped HBAN national director John Phelan.Matching companies with investors is becoming big business.HBAN is a joint initiative of Enterprise Ireland and Inter Trade Ireland, dedicated to the all-island promotion of business angel investment.In the vein of our “” piece, we’ve reinvented these personas through the lens of online dating. Use your resources to learn more about their likes and dislikes.Because nothing gets us to that face-palm place of “omg, I do that” faster than a cheeky analogy. Just like Patrick doesn’t seem to understand that you really have no interest in hearing about yet another lacrosse quarter final game-winning shot he scored in the 10th grade, your customers probably don’t want you throwing message after message at them with no real concern about what they’re likely to be interested in. She probably has a phony over-articulated accent and spells words like “favourite” with an extra “u” because she spent one weekend in europe that ~ changed her life ~.When she's not writing about mobile marketing, she uses digital marketing to support the growth of local, independently owned businesses.She also writes about global travel through the lens of social, economic, and ecological sustainability. Pádraig Hoare speaks to John Phelan, head of Halo Business Angel Network, which last week announced a record investment in a company spun out of Cork IT.Countless romantic relationships across the globe have been formed out of one of the 21st century’s most successful technological advances, online dating — now business is catching on to sophisticated matchmaking, according to the head of Ireland’s angel investment body, Halo Business Angel Network.HBAN makes the connections between investors — big and small — and some of Ireland’s most promising start-up companies.Investment in a high-potential start-up can begin at around €20,000.


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