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Though she has candidly discussed being sexually abused by two family members and giving birth at 14 to a premature baby who died shortly afterward, recovery from those psychic wounds has been understandably slow.“All these years I have done show after show about low self-esteem,” she has said, “but because I was on TV, was famous, was making pots of money, I never thought I might be talking about me.” After one former boyfriend, William “Bubba” Taylor, refused to marry her back in the 1970s, Oprah reportedly threatened suicide.

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“He was so genuine that he would help anyone.” Graham continued his hoops career at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Tex., graduating in 1974 with a degree in social work. “He always had something to prove,” says Bob Brown, one of Graham’s first bosses, at B & C Associates. “He’s a proud man, and he’s marriage-shy,” says Chicago anchorwoman Robin Robinson, who dated Stedman from 1982 to 1985.So it helps that Stedman, according to Williams, “loves her unconditionally.” Even her fluctuating weight is not an issue.“He just plain sees me,” she has said, “not the size.” (“He must love her,” says Robin Robinson, a svelte size 10, “because he watched my weight closer than me.“Stedman is a really nice person,” says a friend of the couple.“Perhaps even nicer than Oprah.” Adds Winfrey’s buddy, singer Patti La Belle: “When I heard the news, I thought, ‘It’s about time, because the man was too good to let go.’ ” Graham’s gentlemanly nature was molded in Whitesboro, N. An occasional sportswear model, Graham has features so flawless that Winfrey’s staffers were moved to question his intentions when he began dating her back in 1986.(She once said that she wanted to begin her first pregnancy at 38.) “If you asked her whether the biological clock’s the reason,” says one close pal, “she’d say, ‘You bet it is.'” But another Winfrey intimate, Hollywood casting director Reuben Cannon, rejects that theory. “If you’ve all noticed or watched over the years,” she told an ecstatic studio audience last week, “I don’t wear rings.I’ve only ever wanted one ring [a wedding ring].” In truth, it was never a diamond that Winfrey was interested in flaunting as much as the man she calls “my rock.” Though she is one of the richest woman in show business—Forbes has estimated her earnings for 1991-92 at million—Winfrey’s pals say that he is the catch.“I would never have children without the benefit of marriage,” she has said.“How could I speak before the thousands of teenagers I address each year and advise them not to bear children unless they are married?“We will announce happily when we’re getting married when we decide, and not before,” Graham said during a rare appearance on (topic: How Fame Affects a Relationship) in 1989.Two years later he laughed off tabloid reports of a wedding with a dismissive, “It was news to me.” Even last May. “I’d say we are closer to it now than we’ve ever been,” she told USA Today.


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