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READ MORE _____ Arts Watch/Drama Watch Weekly by A. Adams 1/17/18 Drama Watch Weekly: Fertile Ground, Playing Favorites – As Portland’s sprawling festival of new performance works begins, A. Adams picks her best bets (and weaves in a nonfestival highlight, too) READ MORE _____ Portland Mercury by Megan Burbank 1/17/18 Fertile Ground’s Accessible Art Returns – Your Best Bets Include Rosa Luxemburg, Sexual Revolutions, and a New and Improved READ MORE _____ Arts Watch by Bob Hicks 1/16/18 Fertile Ground: get set, go — On your mark: Portland’s festival of new work, with more than 100 offerings, is ready to roar. READ MORE _____ Portland Mercury by Megan Burbank 1/15/18 Get ready for SO MUCH THEATER, because Portland’s annual festival of new performance, Fertile Ground, is here!READ MORE _____ Portland Tribune by Ellen Spitaleri 1/15/18 Milwaukie’s late, great Paul de Lay featured in ‘Just This One’ — Musical is part of the annual Fertile Ground Festival of New Work Jan.18-28 at venues throughout the metro area READ MORE _____ Arts Watch by A. Adams 1/10/18 Fertile Ground, brimming with homegrown theater offerings of every conceivable topic and timbre.

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READ MORE _____ Arts Watch by Bobby Bermea 1/19/18 Spotlight on: E. Lewis and ‘Magellanica’- As Artists Rep embarks on an epic journey to Antarctica, an Oregon playwright talks about the epic journey that brings her tale to the stage.

READ MORE ______ KGW-TV Portland Today by Rod Hill & Tracy Barry 1/18/18 Rod and Tracy speak with Festival Director Nicole Lane about Fertile Ground 2018 on Portland Today.

’s “1980’s Teen Musical” and Oregon Children’s Theatre’s “Fly Guy: The Musical” bring some fresh young blood to Fertile Ground Read more at

______ THRU Media – Thrupoint Podcast by Sean Ongely January 29, 2017 Join Yocto Theatre founders Mary Rose and Sean Bowie for the inaugural Thrupoint Podcast, formerly known as Horizon at End Times. More at ______ Willamette Week by Britany Robinson January 26, 2017 Fertile Ground Diaries: “Sisters In The Snow” Explores How Two Siblings Can Belong to Completely Separate Worlds: “Sisters in the Snow ” speaks to the power of art, both painted and acted out. ______ Willamette Week by Christa Mc Intyre January 26, 2017 Fertile Ground Diaries: Broken Planetarium’s “Atlantis” Examines How We Cope with Environmental Catastrophe: In the near future, climate change has submerged the island of Manhattan. ______ Willamette Week by Shannon Gormley, Britany Robinson & Hailey Bachrach January 25, 2017 Fertile Ground Looks For Connection Amid Chaos: If the Portland performance scene has one goal, it’s making work that isn’t frivolous. ______ Portland Mercury by Megan Burbank January 25, 2017 You’re in a Cult, Call Your Dad!

______ Dennis Sparks Reviews by Dennis Sparks January 30, 2017 Astoria, Part One—Portland Center Stage—Pearl District: How the (North) West Was Won Read more at dennissparksreviews.

______ Kid power: Fly Guy, Teen Musical Willamette Week by Christa Mc Intyre January 30, 2017 Fertile Ground Diaries: “William Shakespeare’s Fools” Will Shed So Much Humanity On Clowns That It Just Might Cure Your Clown-Phobia: The one-man tour through the Bard’s clowns is a slice of old circus magic. ______ Willamette Week by Hailey Bachrach January 30, 2017 Fertile Ground Diaries: “The Tall Tales of Paul Bunyan” Is a Puppet Show for Grown-Ups: The play features ingenuous puppetry that the script doesn’t quite match. ______ Oregon Arts Watch by Bob Hicks January 30, 2017 Staged!READ MORE _____ Portland Tribune by Ellen Spitaleri 1/12/18 Chekhov’s ‘Three Sisters’ refreshed for modern times – Shoebox Theatre presents local director’s adaptation.READ MORE _____ Portland Tribune by Joseph Gallivan 1/11/18 NEW WORKS SPROUT FROM FERTILE GROUND-Theater fest banishes winter blahs with events Jan.Company, Neo Youth Company, Vitality Dance Collective, A-Wol Dance Collective, Galexi, NW Fusion, and Alex Done’s r:ad — “Stranger than Fiction,” a collaborative work between Tempos Contemporary Circus and Echo Theater Company that explores the overlap of circus arts, dance, narrative and physical theatre.READ MORE _____ Arts Watch Music Watch Weekly by Brett Campbell 1/17/18 Speaking of new artistic creations, as you’ve been reading all over Arts Watch, one of Oregon’ most valuable artistic incubators, the annual Fertile Ground Festival of New Works, is back, and at least one of those, Mini Musicals 2018 READ MORE _____ Willamette Week By Bennett Campbell Ferguson 1/17/18 Fertile Ground Is a Massive Free-For-All of New Theater and Performance Art. – Over the next 11 days, the festival will unleash a dizzying mixture of disparate genres, stories and moods.______ Street Roots by Suzanne Zalokar January 19, 2017 Alan Alexander III puts homelessness to music: ‘Homeless (the musical),’ to debut at Portland’s Fertile Ground Festival, invites audience to ‘see homeless people as people’ Read more at news. ______ OPB State of Wonder by Aaron Scott Jan 21, 2017 The Many Voices of Eliza Jane Schneider at – Discussing her show “Displaced,” where she channels dozens of displaced individuals she’s met around the world. ______ Arts Watch by Jamuna Chiarini January 20, 2017 Les Watanabe on Alvin Ailey, Lar Lubovitch, Donald Mc Kayle and his life in dance – The dance pioneer debuts his “Love Songs” at Groovin’ Greenhouse, part of Fertile Ground Read more at ______ OPB Radio “Think Out Loud” by Dave Miller January 12, 2017 Local clown Michael O’Neill tells us about the premiere of his new play, “William Shakespeare’s Fools,” and about his work performing in disaster-torn places for Clowns Without Borders. ______ Portland Tribune by Jason Vondersmith January 11, 2017 Make plans for the Fertile Ground Festival of New Works, which begins in earnest Jan. A full 11 days of brand new works by artists both veteran and new on the scene.______ Portland Monthly by Rebecca Jacobson and Fiona Mc Cann January 19, 2017 6 Shows to See at the 2017 Fertile Ground Festival: Need some help navigating the annual bonanza of new, locally produced performance? ______ THRU Media by Sean Ongley January 19, 2017 In a Nutshell: 16 Fertile Ground Festival Acts in Audio Read more at Read more at ______ Judy Nedry Reviews by Judy Nedry January 8, 2017 Portland, are you ready for the 9th annual Fertile Ground Festival 2017, a city-wide festival of theatrical works?WATCH HERE _____ Portland Tribune by Jason Vondersmith 1/18/18 Fertile Ground Festival – Here’s an update on what shows are taking stage at the annual festival, which runs through Jan.28 READ MORE _____ Arts Watch by TJ Acena 1/17/18 On the run from dystopia — Milagro’s new touring show “Bi–” looks to a totalitarian future and blazes a path to the beauty of in-between READ MORE _____ Arts Watch Dance Watch Weekly By Jamuna Chiarini 1/17/18 Groovin’ Greenhouse will play host to new dance works by six Polaris Dance Theatre company members, Polaris Jr.______ The Oregonian/Oregon by Amy Wang January 6, 2017 Classical concerts, art exhibit openings and theater: Arts Best Bets Jan.6-12: “El Payaso” at Teatro Milagro Read more at American Theatre Magazine by Jessica Wallenfels January 29, 2016 Sampling Locally Grown, Artisanal Theatre at Portland’s Fertile Ground – Amid the January rains, theatre artists and audiences scramble from show to show at a festival of seedlings, blossoms, and tilling for future harvests. ________ Oregon Music News by Inessa January 28, 2016 Vaudeville comes to Fertile Ground Festival // audio – The Affable Gentlemen, made up loosely of Jason Potter, Hamilton Barrett, and Brianna Barrett in this go-round, offer up some thoughtful insight.


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