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You should know the primary language for this room is English, Russia.

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Weird how these clubs cater more to women than men...

Welcome to my live chat room sweet_panic () at!

They can be young (NO UNDER AGE) old, slim, fat or anything in between. A group featuring pics and vids of lusty teens in any kind of sexual action except scat. I confess: I actually had sex with my cousin last weekend (will elaborate if you'd like). I couldn't believe all of this was happening to me. When he pulled out I felt his cum run down my legs. As I walked by they said good night sweet cheeks and all laughed. I kept walking even when a prostitute asked me if I wanted a date. I now know this was my reason for becoming bi later in life.

As long as it conforms to the group title it's good. (See my group Scat Scenes for that fetish) Old with young is ok but at least one male or female must obviously be a teenager. And remember: images need to show sexual activity--not just teens nude. He is a year older than me, and we've always been close. I felt his cock open my tight hole and slide in and out. Then another person held the poppers under my nose again. Here is a legit confession for you arm chair psychologists.

A little about me, I was born 1998-02-10 making me 20.

I hope you enjoy the show, I really love being watched and getting horny guys off!

From being forced into whoring, and fucked, home invasion, slavery and incest it's about time theses little bitches learnt that it's a Man's world. He doesn't have to beat His chest, shave His chest or have an expensive ride, like all the other douchebag tools out there trying to pick up girls -- no he doesn't give a shit about your approval. He gets away with whatever He feels like doing cuz He knows the bitches jump whenever He snaps his fingers. He could live down the street from you, work in your office, deliver your pizza, be your primary physician, be your brother or your daddy, your stepfather of your brother-in-law, your girlfriend's husband, your husband's best friend, Your teacher, student or teammate.

Only warning: I will not hesitate to ban members who abuse the group in any way. Young women being in used in ways they dont want to be. if you get horny, and you live in Dallas, you qualify! A real Man doesn't have to go to an effort to wield His power over His bitches. Most likely straight or bi, but He could even be a gay dude (yeah I've met them, they are few and far between in my experience, but they certainly exist -- but let's not get into cultural stereotyping lol).

Find good life partner enrich life, Hand in hand to life.

About her: she is 50 years old ,her education is adult university, she can speak a little English.


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