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When a guy won’t call you his girlfriend it doesn’t always mean he doesn’t like you or that he never will.

Oftentimes, it may mean that he isn’t ready to commit in that way at that moment.

He made some very valid points- we saw each other multiple times a week, we talked every day, we liked each other, we had met each others parents, so what exactly was my problem?

I fed him the usual crap, the sort that had been fed to me by guys so many times before: ‘I like things how they are, why mess with everything?

One thing I’ve noticed is that guys don’t bounce back from breakups as easily as us gals do.

They can’t just dive right into the next relationship which is why, I’m sure you’ll notice, the guys that won’t call you their girlfriends are usually still licking their wounds from a previous breakup. I wasn’t so much flattered by his eagerness as I was concerned by his desperation.I mean, why did this guy want a girlfriend so badly? Is he so insecure that he I did like D from the beginning, and I may have grown to really like him if he had given me the chance rather than trying to force me into feeling how he wanted me to feel when he wanted me to feel it.I did like him and I did want to keep seeing him but the prospect of making it official just didn’t feel right at that point in the relationship and I desperately wished he would just drop the issue and let things happen rather than forcing them to.The more he pestered me, the more turned off I got and the more I resisted allowing him to brand me with a dreaded label.However, it didn’t stay dropped for long and soon it was ALL we would talk about.D would pester and push asking, in every way he could, why I so adamantly refused to be his girlfriend.Eric does a great job explaining what might be going on in your guy’s mind but I have some insights that, although from a female perspective, will be of great value as well. The experience caused me to completely shut down emotionally.I was aloof, I was hard to read, I didn’t get too close, I was present but never available, essentially, I was a guy (in the psychological sense anyway! My ‘guy’ behavior caused the actual guys was seeing to take on the ‘girl role’ and they were always way more into it than I was (this was also due to my aforementioned heartbreak which rendered me numb).I was terrified to let my guard down, who knew what kind of feelings and emotions would take hold if I did? Not surprisingly, the relationship soon fell apart.What if he made me really like him and then broke my heart (which actually happened to me in high-school and definitely had an impact). It just wasn’t the right time and rather than letting things happen organically, D was hell bent on forcing them along on his designated path.


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