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100% Australian owned and manufactured, we offer a wide range of high quality timber cladding weatherboard and architectural panels like our Weathergroove, plus also our wall shingles.We only use PEFC certified state forest or private hardwoods from controlled sources.

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There are specially designed software programmes adapted to meet customer's specific requirements, guaranteeing high flexibility. The Wiedenbach inkjet printers are able to print a variety of formats and fonts from 0.8 mm to 12 mm in height, from single to 4-line printing.

A printer with two print heads allows much larger character printing from 20 to 25 mm in height. The Wiedenbach ultra-reliable inkjet printers have been designed for the most varied application requirements and for round-the-clock work in extremely hygienic rooms as well as in heavily contaminated, humid, wet and harsh environments or in heavy industry. The Wiedenbach continuous inkjet printers are much cheaper to run and inks are very competitive, compared with other brands. Environmentally friendly as ink and solvent can be refilled during the operation of the equipment, ensuring continuous printing with no interruption in production. The colours, adhesive properties and durability of inks are far better on glass, plastic, PVC, polyethylene, vinyl and metal surfaces, compared with other brands.

The ultra-reliable printers can print at 800 metres per minute, which is a crucial factor to enhance and increase production dramatically. Accurate Meter Marking is possible - It automatically keeps and measures accurate lengths and prints either metre marks or feet marks when trouble occurs on production line during operation. Due to their faster printing speeds, the Wiedenbach ultra-reliable inkjet printers can be integrated easily into both existing assembly lines and all modern production lines without problems.

The printing speeds are fast enough for all of the most modern high- performance production lines.

When you’re ready to purchase, pricing can be obtained by contacting your nearest supplier.

If you have any product enquiries, contact us online or call 1800 040 080 and we’ll be happy to help!overview wiedenbach technology technology printing samples consumables consumables accessories applications product overview model cs-405 model cs-407 model wp-405 model wp-407 model tssg-202 2a model tssg-207 2spa custom-made inkjet principle worldwide We at AUSGIANT Marking Systems have co-operated with WIEDENBACH for inkjet coding and marking technologies.Wiedenbach, a leading manufacturer of special continuous inkjet printers, commenced inkjet development specially for pigmented inks in Germany in 1983.We decided to set-up Blu1877 to interact and support the effort of those that are creating the future of food. Good food that support people live healthy lifestyles and leave a healthy planet to our children. Are you working on a new food product, service or a new food technology?Do you already have a proof of principle or a minimum viable product?That’s why we manufacture our weatherboard and panelling to the highest possible standard at competitive rates.Whether you are looking for architectural panels, house cladding or timber weatherboards for sale in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth or anywhere else in Australia, Weathertex have you covered.There is no complex installation process, PSPad is ready to work immediately without requiring customization.The editor supports many file types and languages, with syntax highlighting.From classic to modern styles, we offer all the cladding and timber wall panelling you need for projects of any size, and are committed to keeping our prices as affordable as possible so that you can enjoy quality products without blowing your budget.Weathertex is the preferred cladding manufacturer by many builders, architects and designers all over the world, with history dating back to 1939.


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