Radgrid pagesize not updating

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Then the cell with index 4 will no longer refer the same field value.

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Using these types of Post Back events, which Rad Grid fires, can lead to a change in the Items collections of each Grid Table View in a Rad Grid.

Header Text = "Customer ID" End If End Sub The Need Data Source event helps you easily control events like paging, sorting, and grouping, with Rad Grid.

One of the major differences between Rad Grid and the standard .

Page Size = 15 Dim column1 As New Grid Bound Column bound Column. You can find more information about using Need Data Source and when this event fires in this online demo See Switching off Rad Grid's viewstate topic for details about the Enable View Stateproperty.

Unlike the Data Grid/Grid Viewcontrol, Rad Grid supports the Edit Forms feature that is set by default.

You should note the following about searching for controls in an item that is in edit mode. This method will first check if the Data Source has been assigned, then it will force the Rad Grid instance to fire Need Data Sourceand then Data Bind(). In all other cases, when you make changes to the structure of the grid that require binding, you should call the Rebind() method. This is unlike the Rad Tree View control which supports different number of sub-items on each level - the equivalent in thiscase is Rad Tree List control that allows you to have variable number of nested sub-tables in each level. Item Data Bound and Item Created event handler allows you to manipulate the controls and the values of each cell in Rad Grid. This means that with standard hierarchy, in each level of hierarchy, all items will have an equal number of details tables (one orseveral in the same level).See following two scenarios offer possible approaches to dynamically create a Rad Grid that ensure that Rad Grid will behave normally. Detail Table Data Bind = new Grid Detail Table Data Bind Event Handler(this. You can create the Rad Grid instance and the grid structure in the Page. Then the instance of Rad Grid is added to the controls collection of the Page. Need Data Source = new Grid Need Data Source Event Handler(this. In case that you want to directly contact the Progress Sitefinity team use the support center.In our Google Plus group you can find more than one thousand Sitefinity developers discussing different topics. That is why,if you have template columns for example, and you have to search for a control that is in the edit template, you should search the Edit Form Item instead of the edited item. Rad Gridsupports hierarchical database structure or building hierarchy through self-referencing source table (having ID-Parent ID relations in the same Data Table). It alters the "traditional"editing style by displaying an edit form item (row), below the item currently being edited, instead displaying the in-place editors. Additional details can be found in these help resources: In Place editing Edit Forms editing Custom edit forms To better understand how Rad Grid deals with hierarchy, refer to the article: Understanding hierarchical grid structure.


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