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According to former Boss Films make-up supervisor Steve Johnson, the makeup failed because of an impractical design by Mc Tiernan that included 12-inch length extensions that gave the Predator a backward bent satyr-leg. After six weeks of shooting in the jungles of Palenque, Mexico, the production had to shut down so that Winston could make a new Predator.Both the Yautja and the Hish-Qu-Ten compete for a chance to enter the ritual of becoming "Blooded", a rank given to predators that have killed prey that has been deemed worthy.The Predator design is credited to special effects artist Stan Winston.The Predator dispatches the soldiers one by one with its array of weaponry until Major Dutch Schaeffer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is the last one alive.Dutch eventually confronts the creature, covering himself in mud to hide his heat signature from the Predator's thermal imaging, and setting up numerous booby traps.The technique was used in all five films featuring the Predator.The camouflage effect was designed by R/Greenberg Associates, under the direction of Joel Hynek.The idea for the effect came in a dream one of the Thomas brothers (who wrote the film) had, in which there was a chrome man who was inside a reflective sphere.The man blended in, perfectly camouflaged, reflecting from all directions and only visible when in motion.This took eight months and then filming resumed for five weeks, ending in February 1987.Jean-Claude Van Damme was originally cast as the Predator; the idea was that the star's abilities in martial arts would make the Predator an agile, ninja-esque hunter.


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