Red flags in dating violence

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There have been a lot of reports circulating around what caused Rob Kardashian's baby momma to hulk out at Six Flags Magic Mountain on Easter Sunday.While the mother of two has defended that she went crazy after someone tried to touch daughter Dream Kardashian, it's also been said that Chyna was antagonized by some name calling.

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Sometimes the it's-our-nature argument is modified thus: "It's our nature." It's instinctive. As he told Albert Einstein, we will not manage war unless we manage our animal passions, our baser instincts. Leaving aside the obvious fact that reptiles don't carry assault rifles, we should suspect this notion immediately for harboring a vested interest, emotional or otherwise.

When Herbert Spencer, coiner of the phrase "survival of the fittest," first came to New York City, he was feted by steel magnate Andrew Carnegie.

Not only is it more sanguinary and more destructive than any war of other days, because of the enormously increased perfection of weapons of attack and defense; but it is at least as cruel, as embittered, as implacable as any that has preceded it…When the community has no rebuke to make, there is an end of all suppression of the baser passions, and men perpetrate deeds of cruelty, fraud, treachery and barbarity so incompatible with their civilization that one would have held them to be impossible.

The question of why we fight is a very old one, of course, and many answers have been offered by many thinkers from many perspectives.

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Remember, 100% of your purchase fuels the fight for LGBTQ equality and makes you an active member of the Human Rights Campaign.Related: Blac Chyna Totally Unbothered After Six Flags Outburst In response to this allegation, a teen girl has accused the 29-year-old's boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay of escalating the drama.Allegedly, the up-and-coming rapper hit the woman in question AND her sister before she got into a fight with Blac Chyna.I once saw an old dictionary of psychology which defined "human nature" as that to which we appeal when we don't want to look too deeply at a given behavior.Or, we might add, too deeply into certain inconvenient questions.This kind of "war" he regards as innate and permanent.But his definition of war, which emphasizes weapons and not motives, is very broad: "armed combat between political communities." Prehistorical combatants were fraternities, not professional soldiers, and they were led by chieftains rather than officers.I refer to the quick and simple explanation, "It's our nature." First of all, notice that this "explanation" explains nothing at all.It's like saying that the reason glue works as an adhesive is because it's sticky.Carnegie was delighted that his version of predatory, bare-knuckle capitalism had received what sounded like a scientific justification: he who collects the most toys deserves them, biologically speaking.It is no accident that politicians and religious leaders who bray the loudest for military interventions tend not to hold a very high opinion of human nature to start with.


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